You’re invited: Online Experience with an Olympian or Paralympian

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You’re invited: Online Experience with an Olympian or Paralympian

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Hi everyone,


Airbnb is a proud global Partner of the Olympic & Paralympic Games. To celebrate the Tokyo 2020 Olympic & Paralympic Games, we’re excited to offer complimentary Olympian and Paralympian Experiences to everyone using the Community Center! It’s our way to thank you for everything you do to support one another, provide feedback, and offer inspiration.


Sign up for this online, interactive session and connect with fellow English-speaking Hosts while you meet an Olympian


If you're in the US we’ll join Lina Taylor to 'Go for Gold' Olympic Mindset Tips & Games on Wednesday 28th, 4pm (PST)You can claim your seat here . 


If you're in Canada we’ll join Neville Wright to 'Recovery techniques with Neville Wright’ on Tuesday 27th, 7pm (EDT)You can claim your seat here


If you're in Australia or New Zealand, we’ll join Matthew Mitcham to 'Twists and turns with Matthew Mitcham’ on Tuesday 27th, 4pm (AEST)You can claim your seat here.


What is your countries national sport? Here in the UK, it’s cricket, shame there’s no Olympic event for that!


Many thanks,


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@NickI understand that the Olympics are currently on in Japan, it's 2021 isn't it?
Correct me if I'm incorrect @Shinya0 ?!

Nick those in the UK also find Football as in Soccer, Rugby, or Rugby League, depending on which country one is in, together with Horse / Equine related sports very much popular British do those here in New Zealand.


We have a friend who wears 'Beer is my sport' socks..


We have meet many a Brit who enjoys swimming, including Ocean swimming and netball

Hi @Helen427 , I believe they retained the original name for the event i.e. the 2020 Olympics and didn't rename it the 2021 Olympics.

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Hi @Helen427 !

Yes!! The Olympics finally began!
Olympics in 2021 still be called Tokyo 2020 Games as @Mike--Leonora-and-Samant0  explained.
I know it's a bit strange and confusing...

I am delighted to be here in Japan to celebrate this historic moment.
It has not been a smooth road to get this point.
But we are happy to welcome the athletes from all over the world.

I had goosebumps just watching the athletes enter the opening ceremony, waving their national flags!

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Former Community Manager
London, United Kingdom

Yes, @Helen427, the Games begin today in Tokyo! Actually, they are about to kick off in 5 minutes with the Opening Ceremony. I'm very excited about the Games. For me, it's all about athletics (in the true spirit of the games) but I also enjoy swimming, diving, beach volley, tennis and more 🙂

Do you have any favourites?

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I carried the flag for the Cayman Islands in the closing ceremonies in 1984 in LA. 

Don't tell anyone , but I still have the flag. 

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Thanks @Shinya0 .

@Craig71  What sport did you partake in?
Would we be able to see some photos please?

Ditto anyone else who has been a participant in The Olympic Games in years gone by .


What are your fondest memories?

Have you meet anyone through your Hosting or as a Guest who has been involved in The Olympic Games


I've meet and have a photo of Valerie Adams somewhere amongst my collections.

She is super delightful

I have been living in Munich, Germany during the Olympics 1972.  An attack during the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, West Germany -, by eight members of the Palestinian terrorist group Black September.

All Israeli athletes died during these games but the games went on. Thus, for me the Top officials at that time had no feeling about the victims and at the memorial event just said "The games must go on". Nothing has changed. The Olympic Committee only thinks about their financial profits and could not care more about the Japanese  population who have to suffer.




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I feel terrible but I have a big event on the 28th and need all my free time to make it happen.

Thank you for posting that it could be just the thing to give inspiration to someone who needs it! Keep up the great work!

Olympics is the best sport show for many many years. This year we watched it  with our new friend firestick and the whole family. I think my parents-in-law didn't miss even a little part of the games. They probably can name every single gold and silver medalist)))