115 views in 30 days and no bookings?

115 views in 30 days and no bookings?

Hello, after months of continuous booking, we haven’t had any bookings in the last +30 days. 

We are superbly, with +1 year on Airbnb. I’ll appreciated your help and feedback to adjust any possible issue on our profile https://www.airbnb.com/h/oakwoodan


And also appreciate your experience of you have similar situation, we are near Gainesville, Georgia, USA.


thanks a lot


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Many many hosts have reported significant drops in bookings ever since Airbnb began working on the update in early October and there were numerous bugs where people’s listings often did not show up in searches (including mine). Although it is somewhat better, I personally feel the update still has issues and has affected bookings. I was chosen by Airbnb as the most hospitable host in New Mexico this year, I have a perfect 5 star rating, I am a Guest Favorite and I usually don’t have more than 2 or 3 unbooked days each month. I don’t generally have a “slow” time of year and my business has been significantly affected in a negative way by the latest update. 

Thank you very much!

@Anabel212 @Sophia 


Hello Anabel -


Your listing looks great!  I guess, just be patient, things will pick up!


Wishing you continued success with your listing!





Thank you John! 


Best, Ana

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Hi @Anabel212, I hope you're well 😊. Your listing is warm and welcoming 😍 There has been a lot of chat about it be a quiet season for many Hosts, here's one thread in particular where the Host talks about it being a slow time of year https://community.withairbnb.com/t5/Ask-about-your-listing/My-listing/m-p/1860997 

I'd like to tag a few fantastic Hosts who may kindly provide some feedback on your listing 
@Gwen386@Eileen462 and @John7474  



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Thank you Sophia, I appreciate it!  🙏