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20% New Listing Discount



Our listing just went live yesterday and I have someone interested in 8 weeks which I find exciting! However, because they are our 1st request they are getting a large discount on the overall booking. I just want to check if that makes sense to everyone? And if they have to extend would it still be expected at the discounted rate? 

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Hi @Christina1952 

8 weeks is quite long for a first booking. I would have preferred to test things out with far shorter bookings in the beginning. However, you are probably eager to get started and you will have no stress from open nights for 8 weeks, so perhaps you want to take the booking. If you want shorter stays after this one, consider adjusting your maximum nights. As far as the price goes, if the guest asks to stay longer, I expect the guest may feel that you should charge the same discounted rate. 

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Personally I wouldn't take an eight week booking as my first booking particularly with a large 20% discount ( is that on top of any long term discount) ?  @Christina1952 

what does that mean for your profit levels?


generally it's better to take a series of shorter bookings to build up reviews when you first start but really depends on what bookings are typical in your location .


you don't have to offer the discount for any extension


does the guest have previous reviews? What's the purpose of their stay? 



Hi @Christina1952 

Lots of good advice already offered by @Helen3@Shelley159 . I also don't suggest long-term bookings for new hosts for several reasons. I listed some below. I would be very cautious about accepting a long-term stay guest as your first guest. You should ask a lot of questions and they should have a lot of previous 5-star reviews. Never accept a long-term tenant who has no reviews and you can see they just joined Airbnb. I suggest reading through all the info provided in Help Articles by Airbnb before considering them:


Things to Consider Before Hosting Monthly Stays



Delay In Getting Reviews/Guest Favorite Badge

As a new listing, the quicker you can get at least 3 reviews the better (hopefully all 5stars). This is because your review stars don't appear on your thumbnail in guest searches until you have at least 3. It's also better to quickly get the Guest Favorite badge on the listing. Accepting long term stays delays this as @Helen3 pointed out.



If this is your first booking, beware that scammers seek out the "New" callout on listings as they know the Host is most likely inexperienced and possibly easier to get a free stay through bogus requests for refunds. They also may try and get you to communicate outside the platform and/or accept payments outside the platform. They also try to get larger discounts, then close their credit card account or they already know their card has a limit. Airbnb will not be able to collect the 2nd month payment and you won't be paid. This is all while your Calendar has been blocked the whole time for their reserveration. Lots of other scams.


Payments Withheld For 30 Days - New Host

Airbnb withholds your payment if you are new Host and this is your first booking on long term stays and the booking is less than 30days away. You will NOT be paid after the guest checks in as normally occurs:




"If you’re a new Host, we may hold your payouts for 30 days after your first reservation is confirmed. If your first reservation is more than 30 days away, your payout will be released 24 hours after your guest’s scheduled check-in. This will apply to any payouts scheduled for release during those 30 days."


Cancellation Policy

The cancellation policy for long term stays is different and not always to the Host's advantage. I would check your long term stay cancellation policy on the listing. Click the cancellation policy card under the Listing Editor to see what you have set as long-term cancellation policy:



Cancellation Policies




Depending on your State law regarding tenant rights, a "guest" can become a tenant in as little as 14 days. Most states it is 30 days. This means your "guest" is now a tenant and if they decide to squat in the property, you can't simply call the police to remove them as trespassers if they fail to vacate after their reservation is over. You will have to go thru an eviction process in the court system which can take months. Professional squatters know this and will seek out new host listings.


Guest Reservation Alterations

Guests can alter a long-term stay reservation without Host approval in some circumstances.




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Great post @Joan2709 

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Hi @Christina1952 , a warm welcome to the Community and congratulations on starting out your Airbnb venture!

You've received some brilliant tips from the experienced members in the community Joan,Helen and Shelley. Did you get a chance to review and consider them? How are you preparing for this 1st stay of your hosting experience! Are you excited (or nervous? 😉)


While the Hosts have covered most of the resources in their response, I wanted to share a few more links, in case they are helpful to kick-start your hosting journey. These links are from Airbnb's Resource Centre and Help Centre that you might to want to refer : 


Do keep in touch with us and our Hosts in the Community to share how did it go with the guest. We look forward to hearing your host stories🌻





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