20% new host discount

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Stony Plain, Canada

20% new host discount

I have been a host before for two years and now set up again in a new location. I don't remember how to cancel the new host discount in my calendar


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Placencia, Belize

@Meda53: Listing > Pricing and Availability > Pricing > Discounts > scroll to specific one to  'Edit' particular one and enter '0' to eliminated a discount.


Can't make changes in the Calendar, which simply reflects any settings done with the procedure above. Sometimes a mysterious discount starts up, like the weekly one, to date I can't figure out why, so wise to double check every so often to make sure nothing goofy started on its own.

Community Manager
Community Manager
Toronto, Canada

Hi @Meda53 ,


Welcome to the Airbnb Community Center and congratulations on starting at a new location.


Did you manage to figure it out? 

If you are still looking for help, I am reaching out to our super awesome members @Pat271 @Fred13 if they have any advice on this matter.

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