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Marrakesh, Morocco


Could you please advise me more about my first listing. Thank you 😊

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Community Manager
Community Manager
Suffolk Coastal District, United Kingdom

Hi @Anouar37 👋


Congratulations and a huge welcome to the Community Center! It's great to have you here with us. You've come to the right place as we're here to support you!
Was there something in particular you'd like to ask the community about your listing? 😊



Please follow the Community Guidelines

@Anouar37 I see you have a nice property! You may consider the following and add it to your listing. But it's still up to you.

-Ensure your space is thoroughly cleaned and well-maintained. Comfortable bedding and basic amenities like Wi-Fi, a work space, and a stocked kitchen can make a big difference.

-Write a clear and detailed description of your space. Highlight unique amenities and any local attractions or conveniences.

-Research similar listings in your area to set a competitive price. Consider using dynamic pricing tools to adjust rates based on demand.

-Be prompt and clear in your communications. Providing guests with a guidebook or a simple welcome message can enhance their experience. Hope this helps!