Airbnb Discontinues A Hosts Cover Photo Choice

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Nashville, TN

Airbnb Discontinues A Hosts Cover Photo Choice

As to Airbnb’s change in listing procedures. Airbnb managements disregard of a hosts decision in choosing their own cover photo for their listing is unacceptable to all of us as hosts.

Let’s take a vote. Let’s use the democratic system.


I wrote the following to a supervisor.

“So in essence Airbnb management no longer cares about what a hosts decision would be for their own cover photo listing?


That’s pretty much seems to be taking on a reckless behavior attitude. The “My word is king” just like a dictatorship?


That kind of attitude will be the self destruction of the company, or for that matter, any company that is service oriented and relies heavily on outside participation.


It makes me wish that I didn’t support Airbnb all these years since 2014.

In fact, I will start to move my partnership business to another service, as soon as possible.


I’m sure when other hosts find out about this newly acquired dictatorship attitude, that they too, will move on to the competition.


Thanks for the heads up. You’ve been very nice.


Take care.



This message will most likely be ignored. 

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Agios Nikolaos, Greece

In Europe it allows you to change your cover photo.

Are you sure that it does not allow you?

Here is a link on how to change your cover photo.

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I can change my cover photo @Danny37 but absolutely vote with your feet if you see this as a deal breaker 

Hello @Helen3 @Emmanuel9 


This post is a few months old and it looks like Dany is no longer hosting on Airbnb!  He did what he said he would do....

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He was hosting up to last month according to his reviews @Joelle43