Airbnb messing with our photos

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Bergen, Norway

Airbnb messing with our photos

Well... Every time there's a release Airbnb mess up something for hosts.

The last week Airbnb several times have decided without my consent to change my cover photo in search. 

To fix it we need to delete the picture that's ended up as the new cover photo. So the photos of my space is decreasing day by day. 


There's a reason we choose our photos! They are what pull potential guests into reading our listings. When Airbnb change my cover photo my views drop like a stone. When I manage to change it back to the one it's supposed to be, my views rise.




(And please take a break from your releases for a few years. They break stuff!)

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Stellenbosch, South Africa

Hi @Mariann4 

It sounds like you are able to upload photos and to select your cover photo on the updated Airbnb software? If not, let us know and also mention whether you are using the phone app or the website. It should not be necessary to delete and reload photos, and you should be able to select the photo of your choice as the cover photo.

Hello @Shelley159 

I'm using both app and pc. This error has been around since last summer release. Airbnb knows about it. It's discussed frequently in different groups. They just don't fix it.


The only way to fix the bug is to delete the picture Airbnb chooses as your cover photo, yes. Believe me, I've tried!

My chosen cover photo sits as cover photo when I'm editing my listing. But when you search for my place it shows a completely different photo that's put in for information, not as a premium shot. Not that I have any premium shots. But a picture of a dining table or sofa is not what attracts guests in my area.