Algorithm destroying my listing …

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Algorithm destroying my listing …



7 years of hosting, and since Airbnb Plus was ended, and the new algorithm instated- my visibility is non existent.


I know this is a known issue… so what are we supposed to do about it?

Im not getting adequate answers from the support team. 

it’s almost as if seasoned hosts are being punished. 

please advise. 

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@Leigh612 Any change is likely to be more noticeable to those hosts who were getting bookings before as the only way for them is down. I still believe that the best way to attract bookings is to have bookings so perhaps hosts need to act as if they are new for each release. Perhaps add/change the photos and descriptions. Also perhaps consider a short term discount to get more bookings.

Thanks for replying. What is frustrating is that it’s on us-With no guidance. That’s fine that the “algorithm” is the issue, but with support having almost no real insight on how to remedy the situation it is absolutely negligent on the part of the business.

Why punish people who have proven themselves (over and over again)? Kind of a ridiculous model. 
If any tech support people are reading this - CALL ME. 🙄

Next level support… HELLO. 🫠


Hi @Leigh612 and @Mike-And-Jane0 ,



Navigating the evolving landscape of hosting, especially with changes like the end of Airbnb Plus and algorithm updates, can indeed be challenging. It's understandable that even seasoned hosts might feel the impact of these changes more acutely. Your dedication and success over the years shouldn't feel undervalued, and finding ways to adapt is crucial for maintaining and enhancing your visibility and bookings.

@Mike-And-Jane0 , you're spot on about adopting strategies akin to those of new hosts, like refreshing your listing with new photos and descriptions or considering temporary discounts to attract more bookings. These actions can signal activity and relevance to the platform's algorithm, potentially boosting your visibility.

@Leigh612 , your frustration with the lack of clear guidance from support teams is valid. In times like these, leveraging external tools and resources can provide an additional layer of support and insight. **

Wishing you both the best of luck in adapting to these changes and finding new strategies to thrive in your hosting endeavors.

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My campsite went live 3 years ago.  I received an equal amount of bookings as I do on another hip camping platform during that first year.  Then in the second year (last season) changes and algorithms were made, specifically, the introduction of categories.  I received 1 reservation through AirBnB last year.  Had zero categories on my listing.  Support manually input two categories, while stating their "AI" algorithm would do the rest.  Fast forward to this year and I have only had 1 reservation through AirBnB.  


I have done all the "recommendations", like updated pictures, new descriptions with wording with the fancy category words included. 


The suggestions I see here are "do this..." and "potentially or perhaps" it might work.  But it doesn't.


I am glad I only offer a campsite.  Can't imagine having a mortgage on a house/structure and relying on an app to keep it booked.  Good grief!


My solution "probably" involves using a new hip platform for camping.

I have been pleading with the customer no service representatives to get me listed in the camping category. My site is a campsite, as I clearly state in my title, as well as numerous references to camping throughout the description.  The pictures clearly show a campsite, with tents, camping gear, firepit, etc.  All to no avail.  All I get is a robo answer telling me to do all the things I have already done over and over again.   This listing is new only in the fact that it is no longer listed as a Tentrr site as Tentrr has gone bankrupt.  My campsite has been listed with AirBNB for 5 years and no issues with photos, descriptions, or categories.  Now that I have gone on my own, I cannot get any cooperation to get listed as a campsite. My campsite is  currently in NO category, how is that even possible!!   Very distressed at Air BNB


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Are you sure it's purely down to changes in Airbnb's algorithm s @Leigh612 


what are your views like?


do you use other STR platforms and is that affecting your availability for Airbnb bookings 


what does your market research show the supply and demand is for your type of STR in your location


falls in demand are rarely down to one factor.


oversaturated markets are likely to be one of your biggest factors .

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Hello, exactly the same thing happened to me.  I have been a host for 9 years 253 review wth 4.94 rating. I have had 0 bookings since the new airbnb algorithm. SO what did I do. I followed the advice given by someone else on the forum. changed my cancellation policy to flexible, added discounts for early bookings and also took the service charge all myself. and voila after that  I had 3 booking request. A bit of a funny coincidence! so I recommend doing that.