Anyone else's place not showing when "entire place" is selected?

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Hitcham, United Kingdom

Anyone else's place not showing when "entire place" is selected?

I noticed today that when I search for my listing online it doesn't show if the filter for "entire place" is selected. Has anyone else noticed this with theirs?


It shows fine without but once that filter is checked it gets removed from searches even though it's set up as being the "entire place".





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Seattle, WA

Changing the listing to guest house and then entire place then hit save seems to have fixed the problem for me. It now appears correctly. 

give it a try !

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England, United Kingdom

@Alex10983 It seems @Pete28 has the same issue.

Seems like a global issue - not sure how long they broke it for, or why some are listed in entire place and others in rooms. I tried editing my listing to guest suite etc but doesn’t make any difference. Lost in the land of rooms until they fix this with zero bookings 😞

@Pete28 @Alex10983 Its a strange issue - If I search for properties near ours then some still come up when the entire place filter is clicked. Of course our listings don't come up. If I add to this the other issues with Airbnb at present such as pricing and bed count (both wrong on one of our listings) we are in danger of losing money fast!

Airbnb promised me a call back in 10-15 minutes but that was 20 minutes ago..........

Ah so it's affecting you too, yes other listings show up in our area but not mine. Support were messaging me but this stopped 3 hours ago!

this is ocuring for me too, all 6 listings. In the USA. Any luck???

Country Road Properties

I think it’s worldwide, shows lack of testing from Airbnb and generally poor process in integrating changes to their code base. 

Thanks for alerting us to this issue Alex, we checked doing some searches and like you we were nowhere to be found. We changed our settings from House > Cottage to Secondary Unit > Guest House.  Within seconds we were back on the search results. Then we changed it back to House > Cottage and the listing slipped a page but is still there (at the moment).

In the last almost six years on Airbnb we have disappeared of the radar several times. But this is the first time it is seemingly caused by an identifiable reason.


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Hitcham, United Kingdom

My bookings have stopped too in the last week or so. If they don't resolve it ASAP or make contact again then I'll get external help with this. I've spoken to support three times today and then it's radio silence which may mean they're looking into it but I haven't even had acknoldegment that it's even an issue.

@Alex10983 the only external help you could get is listing on another website! I'll give them a day or so and then look into VRBO again

I have another option but first I'll give them the benefit of the doubt for now and if it goes into next week without anything them I'll seek some advice.

Thanks v much for letting me know 🙂

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Hitcham, United Kingdom

I spoke to a chap just now who says that it has been escalated to the IT dept and they haven't replied as yet hence the silence but they are aware and are looking into it. I'll update once I hear further 🙂

it’s gonna be Monday PST before they fix it. Or maybe later since no one works on Monday.

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Cannes, France

Hello @Alex10983 


Someone on the French CC is also saying the same thing so I've just done a search for my listing, out of curiosity and like you it's not appearing under "entire place" but "rooms". Great - no wonder views are stationary.


I've no idea how long this has been going on for so thank you for noticing it.  @Bhumka can we ask you to wave your magic wand again please?


Keep us posted!