Are blocked days considered preparation days?

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Are blocked days considered preparation days?

Hello everyone, 


I can only host weekends and prefer to have always the same days available for my turnovers so I think it might be better for me to block all Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. My question is: does Airbnb consider my blocked days as preparation days? Example: If I put that I need 1 day preparation time, and somebody wants to book for a check-in on a Thursday, will it block the prior Sunday because I locked Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday?


If you have alternative ideas to set this up, that woudl be great and much appreciated. THANK YOU for assisting me! 

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@Mr-And-Mrs-Ly0 I do the same, the minute we get a booking, we block 1 day before and after manually. Also if want to 'force' certain days to be booked first, we also set it up manually. Less risk of something going wrong; really take but a few minutes.


This is how I do it, as I currently need my weekdays to be guest free. I manually block and make available dates I need blocked and want to make available. I also need 2 days prep time, so that factors into it as well.  All Sunday and Mondays will be blocked only if I have all Saturdays booked, for example. If I want Tuesday - Thursday's  or Tuesday - Friday blocked, I will need to do this manually. I control my calendar manually as I want to avoid anything unexpected. I hope this helps. 

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