Co-hosting Opportunity in Puerto Vallarta

Co-hosting Opportunity in Puerto Vallarta

Hi Community, 


I have 7 very unique (to be newly listed) properties in Puerto Vallarta- wondering if anyone local is interested in a co-host agreement? I have most of the details worked out as far as property manager/ cleaning etc. but I need someone that can actively manage the listings, inquiries, communication with guests pre-arrival, etc. I travel extensively and am not always in reliable service areas to micromanage. Any tips, referrals, suggestions would be  truly appreciated. 

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Frisco, TX

let's chat Cindy... we are happy to help in any way. 

Hi Cindy, have you found help with your request. I’m Sedaine. I have a company that manages the automations for people like yourself who can’t find the time to do it effectively. My partner speaks Spanish fluently. If you are still looking to delegate the micromanaging, we should definitely have a conversation. 

Hi Cindy, my team and I are available! Shoot me a DM for more info and to discuss.

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@Cindy1435  Is your property manager able to assist you? 

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Toronto, Canada

Hi @Cindy1435Welcome to the Airbnb Community Center!

Have you had any luck with seeking Co-hosts in your area?

You can search our Community Center with the keywords ''Cohost'' and your desired area to find Hosts in your region and connect with them for your offer.

You can also have a look at our Local Host Clubs to get in touch with area-specific Hosts who might be interested in getting in touch with you in this regard.




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