Critique my listing, Chris in Australia

Critique my listing, Chris in Australia

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Hi All,

I have had my one-bedroom apartment listed for approx. four weeks. I was fortunate to receive a very favourable review from my first guest, also a booking for the whole of February 😁 I have another five two or three-night bookings to come. So, I have been fortunate and am pleased with the results so far.

I would appreciate any feedback from experienced hosts regarding my listing and ways it may be improved.

I have one specific question regarding scheduled messages: Is it possible to confirm that the guest is receiving the message as it is set up in scheduled messages? AirBnB help told me the only way is to ask a guest when they book. This is not something I would be comfortable doing, it seems unprofessional to me.

If you have the time to provide some feedback, I would appreciate it.

The link to my listing is:

Best wishes to you all


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Hey Chris

At first site, I love the photos and the space! I love the information you put about the breakfast and additional items you leave for your guests! What a wonderful idea! 


Something I read and heard on podcasts is the title of the airbnb. As someone unfamiliar with your location, the No. 8 doesn't "stand out" to me, but maybe I am completely off because I am unfamiliar with the location? I would look at the name, and adding "discount" if that is something you do offer! I heard those are always good selling points! 


Hope that helps a little! 

Hi @Megan1288 

Thank you for taking the time to look at the listing and comment. I am still not sure about the title myself. It has connected with a couple of guests as they have made comments such as "great at No. 8" So, it may still be a work in progress. I offered generous discounts to the first three guests as a new listing offer. I do have the rate pitched comparatively low to similar properties. One thought resulting from your comment is to mention no extra fees. I don't charge for cleaning as it is such a compact apartment, easy to clean, and it makes the rate more attractive.

I appreciate your comments, very helpful.

Best wishes