Critique my listing - Hakeem/Audrey in Jamaica

Critique my listing - Hakeem/Audrey in Jamaica



Greetings Airbnb Community,


We're thrilled to introduce our new listing in Ocho Rios, Jamaica, and would greatly appreciate any feedback you might have. Our commitment is to provide guests with an exceptional experience and to share our deep love for Jamaica. All the photos featured in our listing are personally captured by our team, as Airbnb currently doesn't provide photographer support for our area. We've been on the platform for approximately 1.5 weeks, and we are eager to receive any tips or suggestions from your experiences that could help us establish long-term success. Also, from viewing our listing what stood out to you and  what would you do different?  Your insights are highly valued. Thank you!








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St. Louis, MO

@Hakeem13 Nice place! I would suggest a more wide angled photo of the Living Room. It states couch and tv but you cannot see a tv at all.  People want to get a feel of the space to relax when they are not out and about. 

I really like your listing but the 2nd pic should be the main picture. You need more pictures of the living room area and orangize those pics to come 1st. Let me know if you want ways to increasing your bookings and we can take further discuss privately.