Critique my listing - Kelly, Mexico

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Conkal, Mexico

Critique my listing - Kelly, Mexico

Hi everyone.  I'm brand new to hosting on airbnb, here is my link


I have had the listing live for a few weeks, I am slowly adding and changing photos as I am in the process of hiring a property manager and furnishing/decorating.

I hope to host my home during the summer months while I am in Canada.

I have had absolutely no interest or activity on my listing.  It will be available May 1.

I would love input on what I'm doing wrong.

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Toronto, Canada

Hey @Kelly1857 ,


Welcome to the Airbnb Community Center and thank you for posting! I hope you get some good feedback and advice from other experienced members of our Community.



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@Kelly1857 , It’s hard to critique your listing since you’re still in the process of adding decor and furnishings. Once you do have everything in place, then come back to the community center for feedback. In the meantime, remove the picture showing clothes drying on a clothesline and the picture with trash bag/trash bin out front. 

Looking forward to seeing the finished home and pictures.