Discounts for other hosts

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Discounts for other hosts

Someone booked my airbnb recently who is a host in another area. He offered me a discount and said he would send me a host discount if I ever wanted to stay at one of his places. Is there a discount for other hosts? Should I off him a discount as well? I am new to hosting so I wasn’t sure how to respond. 

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Many hosts have stayed with us, every once in a while someone has offered a pre stay ” host discount.”  Not something we typically offer in return, if we find the host seems exceptional- pre stay- we will add a couple extras to the apartment for them.   If we find they were an exceptional guest- offer them a little goodby goodie. 


We’ve had offers to come stay at others spots for gratis… :)! 

@Alex1485 Ok thank you!

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Not necessarily. How likely are you want to stay at their place ? @Elizabeth3220 


I have never asked for a discount as a host. Nor have I been asked to discount for a host staying with me.

@Helen3 The person mentioned that they were a host too and they offered me a discount if I ever wanted to stay. I just didn’t know that was a thing or how to do it. So I just wanted to ask people on here. Thanks for the reply!