Experiences removed

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Guanajuato, Mexico

Experiences removed

I just received a message from support saying that 7 of my experiences will be deleted on June 20 because they don't meet the Quality Standards (I upload this on May 17, 2024), but they didn't give me any particular reason or opportunity to improve what doesn't meet the standard.


What is surprising is that 1 of the experiences (Callejoneada with Guanajuato student) has 480 reviews and an average of 4.8 rating stars, while another one of them has 300 reviews and 4.8 stars as well. These are tours that have been online for over 3 years and I have never had any problems.


My other experiences that will be removed have fewer reviews but none are less than 4.6 stars.


Airbnb is practically running me off the platform because I will only have 1 online experience left and as we all know they are not accepting new experiences.


I just don't understand what is going on and I am overwhelmed.


Is there something i can do??

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Hey Olivier,

I'm down. I know airbnb won't change anything but at least we can have some sort of impact. 


Also, I have joined a group on FB which has helped me heaps to get other channels to sell my tours. Let's connect and screw airbnb.

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México D.F., Mexico

Email me. I think I can help



Same situation in Korea too. Really feels Airbnb doesn’t respect the host. At least, explains needed about the decision and must give us a chance to improve. 

I’m stopped the fill out form because I don’t believe their really review and change the decision. I already wrote a lot, maybe just waste time… 


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México D.F., Mexico

Hey Yeonsu,

I share your feelings. I don't think they care about us at all. Shame on Airbnb.

Moving as quickly as possible to Viator and Get Your Guide, it is a shame that 5 of our families will be left without our daily livelihood as 80% of our bookings came from Airbnb and the remaining 20% from our website.


What a shame of a company Airbnb is, I will never book on this platform again.


I close the thread without waiting for good news.


Good luck to all of you my fellas.

Hello Bhumika,


Please tell me the truth. 
what will you do, when we submit the form? What’s your next plan? 

I don’t want to arguing your decision anymore but wanted to know your next step. Are you gonna choose some experiences and make them keeping the experience? 

Hi Bhumika,


same issue with Party Singapore - Pub Crawl / Bar Hopping 


we receive the similar text 


what should we do ? Wait ? 
we already submitted and try our best in duty to show customer the best side and everything !


please re list and guide us 




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México D.F., Mexico

 just thought I would share.

How is everyone else doing?


Hello Mena,

I am really glad that your experience will be published again. I also host an experience in Greece called Highlights and Hidden Gems of Athens and I had received the message about the removal on the 20th of May but I still don't have any official reply like yours. I am really looking forward for a response. May I ask you when did you receive that message?

Best regards,



Has anyone else received a message like that. Any response welcome 🙏