Hosting / Co-hosting

Hosting / Co-hosting

Hi everyone. I have a few questions as I am very new at this whole hosting thing:


1) I'm purchasing a property and will be hosting for the first time. This place has previously been listed on Airbnb by the former owner, who still holds the city permit that I'll be inheriting (with renewal due in 2025). When I list the property on Airbnb under my own account, will the previous ratings from the former owner's listing carry over, or will they start afresh once I post under my account? Also, considering I'll be using the previous owner's city permit, does this affect anything in this regard?


2) A friend has invited me to co-host with her on her active Airbnb property. Given that I'll soon be hosting my own property for the first time, I'm wondering if it's advisable to have separate Airbnb IDs for each property (is this allowed?). I do not want my friend's property and its reviews tied to my own property / id. How does this process work? Will the reviews from co-hosting remain associated with that ID, or will they affect my property as well?


I really appreciate your insights. Thank you 🙂

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1. The reviews stay with the person who earned them. Listings/reviews are not transferable 


2. does your city allow you to transfer permits 


3 you are allowed to have one account/profile  not multiple profiles.


Are you sure you're ready to be a cohost when you still have so much to learn about how Airbnb works ? 


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Hello @Murphy20, welcome to our community 😊


Have you had the chance to read Helen's suggestion?


I'm sharing a page with valuable articles on co-hosting. You'll find great insights for your co-hosting journey here 🌟


I hope this helps.



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