How may we promote our local areas

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Northern Province, Rwanda

How may we promote our local areas

I am in Musanze Rwanda and we have lovely outdoor areas , lakes , hiking , fishing, bird watching and star gazing. How may we tell everyone about it. 

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Toronto, Canada

Hi @Colin-Keith0 ! Such an amazing idea to create a local guidebook for guests to suggest activities and attractions to guests. Its indeed a nice thought on your part. 🌻 

While Hosts in our Community come up with some great suggestions to promote local activities in your area, I wanted to share a link to some articles related to guidebooks here . 


A guidebook is definitely a great opportunity to give guests curated info that highlights your hospitality and your local community offerings.

Hosts can create a personalised guidebook in their profile, so guests have it available at their fingertips. You can find the steps to create a guidebook here : 

Keep us posted how you get along with it!😍



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I also put local areas including restaurants into the guidebook.  As well as this I offer an AirbnB file for guests who are staying. This contains leaflets, maps, places of interest and local magazine Round and About showing events etc.

Hi @Colin-Keith0 Creating a guidebook on Airbnb is a fantastic way to share the unique attractions and amenities near your property. This can also help enhance your guests' experience and potentially increase your bookings. Once you create a guidebook, aside from guests can see this on your profile, you may also mention it in your listing's description to let potential guests know you offer personalized recommendations to enhance their stay. Hope this helps! 

@Alicia753 great idea - is there a way to create links to current events in the guestbook? 

Promoting fishing Tournaments

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I have added local places to the guidebook. It doesn't allow urls, though

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Adding pictures to your listing that show

local attractions and upcoming events...url links on the pictures should also work

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Kolkata, India

@Colin-Keith0 Pictures uploaded with short but interesting depiction & description is the best way to penetrate an intending visitor's mind.

Upload reels with attractive suitable music and texts wherever possible for an audio visual presentation that hits bulls eye most of the time.