How to promote our Airbnb?

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How to promote our Airbnb?

I want to learn how to promote our Airbnb....Diana 


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@Dianne360 you may share your listing on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Use attractive photos, engage with followers, and use relevant hashtags to reach potential guests. Research similar properties in your area and price competitively.  You can also offer discounts for longer stays or last-minute bookings. Promotions can attract guests who are comparing multiple options. Partner with local attractions, restaurants, and other businesses to offer discounts or promotions to your guests, and ask them to recommend your place. Hope this helps!

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It defubutekt seems like a very good idea.  i will no doubt try it as soon as possible.


Thanks a lot.






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Hi @Dianne360 👋


Great question! We've had some conversations about this previously that might help support you. here's one by @Lori3658 with lots of advice from other Hosts, like @Alicia753's advice below. 


What have you explored already? It'd be great to hear from you. 😋



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I think it is very important to have a complete listing. Pictures are critical - they should give a feeling of the space they are entitled to use. Space should be clean and bright.  Don't  use misleading and/or wide angle pics - keep it real. You want high quality reviews from guests so treat others as you wish to be treated. Keep it clean.  Research similar properties snd price it right.  Maybe offer a first few guests special to grab a few reviews. Reviews sell!