Is it possible to print my Airbnb calendar?

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Is it possible to print my Airbnb calendar?

I want to print the Airbnb calendar so I can have a hard copy on my desk - is this possible?



Will B

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Hi all in this Thread,


I'm Duane the other half of Maria and Duane.

I have a solution to the problem at hand that may help all, albeit it is not perfect.


1:  RIGHT click anywhere on your property host calender screen (choose print from the popup menu)


2: Once the Print command window comes up you will have to change a few settings. First I would recommend scrolling down and finding the number of pages you wish to print.

   a- Choose the number of pages to print

   b- Make sure the LAYOUT setting is changed to landscape 

   c- Click the + sign on MORE SETTINGS

   d- Set SCALE to 74 (The reason for changing scale is to bring in the whole month of the calender which was previosly cut off at full scale 100%. You may have to play around with scaling until you see the entire calender in the preview screen to the right.

   e- check-mark BACKGROUND GRAPHICS under Options


3:  Print



Calender Settings Screenshot.jpg

Notice the colored lines showing days booked are not there but the days are semi highlighted in a darker gray and days past in a lighter gray. This is the only problem with this method. You would just have to let your cleaning crew know to clean the following day of the last grayed out day or mark the cleaning days with a highlighter.


I hope this helps...


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No solution - I'd also like to be able to print the calendar to put on the fridge to keep my family informed.

i use the window snipping tool and then copy and paste into word.

We have used this method and find it works well. 



Darn I thought my message would appear after the reply about taking a screen shot on my iPad and then printing it. That works a dream.    

Sorry did not mean to cause confusion.


Also, screen shot is fast and easy!

It is not fast if you have multiple properties

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You could sync with Google calendar (or the calendar of your choice) then print from there.

This seems to be a problem with several people for a simple request.  I am not the only one asking for this option.  IF the Airbnb gurus actually read these things, can AIRBNB give us a simple solution or a legitimate reason why they cannot allow  this to be done?


Thank you.

I agree,  We like to print calendars so when guests show up or call we can let them know if it is available as we do not have WiFi access up at our tasting room where we do business.  It is a pain asking them to check for themselves especially if they are already in the area as we are rural and in some places even cellular service is not the best.

Agreed, and if/when ABNB fixes this, you should be able to print a specified sequence of months , e.g. for seasonal rental properties, in one step, without having to print month by month individually.

Agreed i feel so frustrated spending all this time figuring it out...It should be a simple request to print the 

Calendar. AIRBNB GURUS are you listening...uchhhhh


I totally agree. I tried to copy and paste but it wouldn't allow me to highlight to copy. Please airbnb - this is a simple thing that many of us are asking for.

I doubt seriously that anybody at Airbnb reads these. 


I suggest that we bombard Airbnb with PRINTING in general.  I can't print House Manual or Guide Book without major time and effort spent copy and pasting.  Guide isn't even formatted with margins so that it cuts off half the listing.  I have wasted more time, paper and ink than I care to think about.


However, if we don't complain and write directly to Airbnb, then we won't see any change.