Is there an advantage of having set check-in days?

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Is there an advantage of having set check-in days?


I have two Airbnb listings, one in Update NY since 2016 and one in CA since 2022. Recently my town in NY has issued a mandatory rule of requiring that all summer guests stay a minimum of 5 days in the summer. Normally I have always allowed guests to check-in any day of the week. Guests usually book their longer stays earlier in the year and then the shorter stays fill in the dates in between. Therefore, I am booked all summer. Now I am not allowed to have the shorter stay bookings.  Besides the obvious advantages for cleaning and turn over is there any business/booking rate advantage to having set check in and check out days for a minimum stay of 5 days? For instance, guests can only check in on Fridays & Saturdays.  Thank you. MM

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