Late check out and pet fees

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Toodyay, Australia

Late check out and pet fees

Hello I need some help please 🙏 

Wanting to know what is reasonable rates to charge for late checkouts, my set time for check out is 10am.

Also what is a reasonable pet fee

Thank you


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@Lisa8968 Setting rates for late checkouts and pet fees depends on you as the Host. You must consider the costs and inconvenience associated with late checkouts, such as delayed cleaning schedules. Your fee should compensate for this. I offer 1 hour free late check-out after my check-out time (10 AM) but after that, it will be considered as a 1-night rate. About the pet fee, it should cover additional cleaning required and potential wear and tear. Assess the level of cleaning typically needed after hosting pets to set a reasonable fee. If you hire cleaning companies, you can check with them and get their ideas. But I charge $75 per pet. Hope this helps! 

Thank you so much @Alicia753 ! How do you receive payment for late checkout?

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Hardys Bay, Australia

I charge $20 per night pet fee and nothing for late check out. I only approve it when I don't have guests coming the same day. 

Thank you @Bronwyn100 

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Good question.


The pet fee is somewhere between $75-$100. Please be aware that this fee applies for the entire booking regardless of the number of pets. Therefore, I do not accept guests with more than one pet because the system does not account for the second pet.


Regarding late check-out, if I don't have another guest checking in the same day, and it doesn't interfere with my cleaning schedule, I offer them a free late check-out until 15:00. Anyway, I won't have a guest checking in that day, and it will mean a lot to them. I prefer to be generous and have good reviews rather than collect the $10 and have an unsatisfied customer. Also, collecting the $10 can be problematic.


If I can give you one tip, it is never to leave the chat within the Airbnb system and never accept any form of payment outside the Airbnb system. This is where many of the troubles begin.

Thank you for that onfo @Guy991