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Grass Valley, CA

Listing description

I have a suite of 3 rooms in my house.  It's not the 'Entire Home'.  It's not just a 'Private Room'.  I was told to list it as 'Home".  I think that is misleading.  Do any of you have this situation?  ~ Joyce

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Bristol, United Kingdom

I would list as three listings for en-suite rooms if they aren't self contained  @Joyce4 

there is no category for 'home' 

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Placencia, Belize

I would vote to be on the safe side, meaning not to give the wrong impression, say it is a private room. But something must be said; I couldn't find what it really is in your description.

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Clare, Australia

@Joyce4 I do. My place is also in the house but separate.

The only listing category I can use is; 


"Guest suite
Listing type: Entire home/apt"
There are no other options. But after 2 years, so far so good. Ours has a separate entrance and is self contained - we have to check for cars to know that guests are there or not.
So "Yes it is misleading" but to get them change the AirBNB categories for ordinary operators? LOL.
Cheers, Charles
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England, United Kingdom

@Joyce4 I think you do need to class this as a private room and the describe how much nicer it really is.