Marriott Vacation Club Listing

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Marriott Vacation Club Listing

We are new to hosting on Airbnb. We are Mariott Vacation Club (MVC) owners and recently rented our unit, but still have a few questions.


We booked our unit from 1/8-1/15, and then rented it out on Airbnb for 7 nights, with min 4 night stay. Someone booked for 4 nights. We then listed the remaining 3 nights, with 1 night minimum and someone booked one night. So, we called Summit Watch and added the individuals to our reservation, once checking in on 1/8, out on 1/9 and one checking in on 1/11, out on 1/15. We also scheduled housekeeping to come in between the 2 bookings. We did not get a separate reservation confirmation from the hotel for each booking. We also did not work things through MVC and worked directly with the hotel. I’m wondering from other MVC owners, is there a better way to do this?

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Hi @Nancy1822 , we too are MVC owners.  This is our first time posting a property on Airbnb.  We have successfully used Redweek last year for an Aruba property and have two properties currently listed on Redweek and VRBO.


Do you intend to rent more properties in the future? Would you be interested in developing a relationship to share what we are learning as owners renting MVC properties?


I am currently tracking information about which platform works best for us, how much in advance does a property rent, which properties rent best etc.  We’ve just started so I am in the data collection stage at this point but happy to share what I learn as we go.

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Hi @Kathleen918 ! Would love to connect and hear about your experiences because I’m a new MVC member 🙂 let me know. Happy to help each other out and get the most out of this program

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Hi @Nancy1822!


Did you manage to find an answer to this elsewhere?


I don't think we've got much representation here on the Community Center from Marriott Vacation Club listings, so I'm curious to know more about it!


Feel free to pop back and let us know how it works.



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