Multiple listings

Multiple listings

We have 3 cottages each listed individually and in each description we state that we do have 2 other cottages that may have available dates. We recently had a cancellation due to us not having the cottage that the guest had rented available for 1 extra night.

Is there a way for airbnb to immediately notify guests that we have 2 other cottages that are available for the 3 nights they were looking for.

When we do a search for these dates in our area most times only one cottage shows as being available.

I did reach out to the guest indicating that our other 2 cottages were available for the 3 nights they ere looking for.

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Hi @Peter1360 

Maybe someone will suggest a good solution, all I can think of is to mention it in your listing and perhaps add a photo showing all 3 cottages (if they are close enough together).  This may work in your favour if people see they can add guests by booking another one, or to prevent complaints if guests were going to assume that they would not be close to other guests.

The cancelation that you had will hopefully not recur frequently anyway. It was a very specific circumstance, and many guests would be inclined to contact you before they cancel.

Thanks @Shelley159 

I would suggest 1 guest canceling because the   cottage didn't have an  additional  night be taken as  a consideration.   Guests  reasons  for  canceling  maybe something  else    but they  didn't want you to  focus  on their reason.

IIt worked you  are  focused on  what  can you do?

You have multiple  cottages.  You have clearly stated that.  Sometimes we Hosts, me included, forget  guests  had enough  brain power too   get an Airbnb  account, find my listing make a reservation  and payment  and then  cancel early enough to  get  a refund.  That  suggests if  just dates  were  the issue  when it is  not easy  to  find  similar it  takes  maybe  5   minutes to  send an  email   to   you  and  ask. can you help?.

Thanks Marie

I guess I'm the eternal optimist.

Appreciate your response