Need help for my listing

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Noida, India

Need help for my listing

Some one can  guide me about the airbnb listing 


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Stellenbosch, South Africa

Hi @Shelly337 

I don't see any host listing connected to your Airbnb profile at the moment - on my side it looks like you have not added one.

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Port Moody, Canada

Hello @Shelly337@Alicia753 and @Shelley159, I hope you are all doing well 👋


I just reviewed Shelly's profile and noticed two new listings. @Shelly337, here are the links to your listings:


Listing 1:


Listing 2:


Which one are you seeking suggestions for? Do you have any specific questions? This will help our amazing Hosts understand how they can best help you.


Looking forward to hearing from you 😊



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Hi @Shelly337 I am unable to see any published listing on your profile. But to publish an Airbnb listing, start by creating an account or logging into your existing one. Navigate to the "Create a New Listing" section, where you'll be prompted to provide details about your property, such as the type of space, number of guests it can accommodate, and amenities offered. You’ll also need to write a compelling description, set your house rules, and upload high-quality photos of your space. Once all the information is filled out, set your pricing and availability. Review all the details to ensure accuracy,  complete Airbnb's listing verification steps and then publish. Hope this helps! 


I'm trying to do the same but it's not helping me out can't publish my listing. Don't know the reason behind this.