Need help with my place

Need help with my place

Good morning, how can I do more marketing. My place is not rented enough and guests keep on stealing and breaking my stuff and in never get reimbursed. Please help 

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Good morning @Legine0,

I'm sorry to hear about the troubles you're experiencing with your rental. There are few strategies that has helped to increase visibility and attract more guests, make sure your listing photos are high-quality and your descriptions are detailed and appealing. Consider offering a small discount for first-time guests or during off-peak times to boost bookings.
It's also important to have clear house rules posted within your listing and communicated before guests arrive. Consider requiring a security deposit to cover potential damages—this can also deter guests who aren’t serious about respecting your space. Using a check-in and check-out checklist can also help keep track of any damages.
For reimbursement issues, ensure you’re documenting everything thoroughly with photos and keep communication through Airbnb’s platform to leverage the Host Guarantee or Resolution Center when needed.
I hope these suggestions help improve your situation. Keep your spirits up, and don't hesitate to reach out to the Airbnb community for more support.

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sorry to hear about your problem guests @Legine0 

How are you currently vetting your guests to ensure they are a good fit??

what sort of damage is being created and items being stolen? 

are you leaving honest reviews to warn your fellow hosts who may be considering these bad guests ? 

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Hello @Legine0, I'm sorry about the situation with your guests.


Our Hosts have offered some excellent suggestions in this thread. Please let us know when you have a chance to review them.


Additionally, I'm sharing a helpful Airbnb webpage on Marketing & Promotion. It offers valuable practices to enhance your listing's visibility.


I hope this helps 😊



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