New listing and welcome book advice

New listing and welcome book advice

Hello Everyone

I'm new here.. Thank you for the welcome!

I am about to post a new listing.  Can anyone please help with advice on what to include and what to avoid in the welcome book.. Are there any templates? 

I also plan to manage it myself remotely with the help of my daughter as co-host.  Any tips on remote management will be especially helpful. 

Thanks all 

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Hi @Amina259 

There are templates online. Etsy are selling templates that you can just fill out specifically and then print.  Also, just a simple online search you can get some ideas from others too.

What I did on my welcome book, I created a binder that I placed on the coffee table together with other tourist pamphlets. First page, is a cover letter in front thanking them for choosing my rental.  Next are the wifi passwords, instructions for the appliances such as K-cups, AC etc. I also have the printed house rules, local emergency phone numbers, and check out instructions.  I also included local restaurants, business cards and menu booklets, and local attractions.

Regarding remote management, just make sure you always have access for your cleaners so the turn over will be smooth.

I am not a long time host  yet, just going 1 year.  I am just speaking for myself, based on my experience.

Hope that helps!

Hi @Romina242 Thank you soo much!  I am actually still drafting and putting my welcome book together so all advice is really helpful.  

Thanks again 

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Hi @Amina259 

I’ve had lots of feedback from guests about my welcome book, so that’s something I might be able to help with. What they find helpful (apart from house rules, which they don’t mention!) is what to visit nearby; pubs, restaurants, beaches, local walks and nearest supermarkets and pharmacies with their respective postcodes.

I’ve also written personal views of local attractions, pubs etc. and if certain beaches are suitable for the less able bodied.

I do include rules at the beginning, and how to turn the heating on, and where to put recycling etc.

Happy hosting!


Hi @Suzy176 Thank you so much too.  Well done on your welcome book and positive feedback!   Definitely have to steel your ideas.  Thank you so much! 

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Hello @Amina259  and welcome!


In my welcome book I start with a big welcome to the property and include our phone numbers for contact if necessary.


Next comes WiFi info and settings.


Next is emergency numbers for police, ambulance, fire,  etc. Just in  case of emergency. Location of nearest hospitals and emergency clinics.


Diagram of the apartment with emergency exits. 


Operation info for all appliances, stove, microwave, air fryer, even the electric kettle! It may seem easy to us but if someone is not used the language or using any of the appliances, it could be a challenge for them. I know this sounds strange, however I have experienced quite a few questions. Especially if the guest is travelling form Europe or Asia.


Next come recommendations for restaurant eating nearby, grocery stores,  gift shops, etc. and their locations.


I add business cards from these establishments.


Next bus transportation, bike rentals, Uber, taxi info.


All this I place in a binder and each page has plastic sleeves to prevent wear & tear on the pages.


Good luck with your business, I hope this helps!




Very detailed @Sally456 .. Thank you so much!

Hello @Amina259 


I include all of the things mentioned by other hosts and I created my house manual by using the internet site  


I am useless with Microsoft Word but managed to find my way round this great system and it didn't cost me a penny as there are plenty of free options to work with😉


Good luck!


Welcome @Amina259!

Is your daughter local? Do you know your cleaning and maintenance team personally?

It is challenge to manage a vacation property locally even when you're experienced in rental property management but being new will definitely add to the challenge. I am hands on and have a degree is residential construction and property management and bringing our vacation rental on line was a significant learning curve and very time hungry. If your daughter is local and can meet and manage your cleaning and maintenance team locally it will be a big help. There are likely local management companies available should you find yourself overwhelmed. 

Wishing you success in your new adventure. 

Thank you @Violet321  . Yes my daughter is local and we have a great team.  Thanks for your well wishes.. Nervous but looking forward to getting it off the ground. 


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All the best @Amina259 

Thank you so much.. Everyone is so kind and supportive 

Hi @Amina259 

Great advice from all the other Hosts! I haven't really investigated Canva but hear alot of good things about it. 


We may take a look at creating QR codes for "finicky" appliances but haven't done that yet. Guests can just scan the QR code that takes them to a video on how to use the appliance.


Below is the Table of Contents on the paper House Manual & Area Guide we use if that helps. We also place each page in a protective sleeve (sheet protector) but also add tabs for each section (otherwise the guests find it too overwhelming and don't use it). It is in a 3-ring binder next to our Welcome snack basket: