New listing feedback, upstate NY

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New York, NY

New listing feedback, upstate NY

Hello everyone, I've just set up a new listing and I'm eager to hear your suggestions on how to make it more attractive. Additionally, I'm contemplating whether to set a lower price for the first year to attract reviews, or should I set it at a similar price point to nearby properties? Here's the link to the listing for your reference :


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Hi! I’m a Superhost with 6 listings. I don’t see one picture of the kitchen which can really make or break a vacation house for families. One of the photos too is blurry so I would just be very meticulous with the photos. With new listings we will sometimes lower the price for the first several bookings, not for an entire year. You can even only open the calendar for a 3 or 6 months to start and get reviews then up the price and open the calendar further. That’s what I would do for my own. Happy Hosting!!!

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Hello Jérémy146


Your cabin is super cozy and in a fantastic location. However, there's a story waiting to be told: Consider capturing a photo showcasing the breathtaking view over Lake Lauderdale and Vermont's Green Mountains for the cover. Alternatively, integrate the view into your title, like 'Stunning views from the Fire Tower Cabin.' You have 50 characters to work with.

While the coziness of the cabin is appealing, the view could be your strongest selling point and what sets your place apart. If you're not already categorized under 'Amazing views,' strive to earn that "distinction".



Airbnb on How listings are categorized:


You can - by phone - request a review from Airbnb to ensure your listing is accurately categorized, but be sure to have photos that truly showcase it.


Consider brightening up your photos by taking new ones on a sunny day with all lights on, or invest in professional photography.


Your rooms have many decorative items, which can be subjective. However, consider removing some for a cleaner, tidier appearance.


Regarding pricing, initially set it below comparable listings in your area. Airbnb's search algorithm prioritizes listings with a higher chance of being rented. Since you're not yet established with 5-star ratings or Superhost status, setting a competitive price is key.


Airbnb often gives new listings a ranking advantage to help them get started. Additionally, consider leveraging Airbnb's campaign offering 20% off for the first three bookings to boost your ranking and visibility.


I hope you find these ideas helpful.
Best of luck with your place :-)"

Thank you so much @Karen4131 !! That is all very helpful, I appreciate the help very much. 

@Jérémy146 Love the cabin! I agree, some of the photos need to be brightened up. Also, in the photos,  I would remove any personal items like the bag on the dining room chair and declutter. Less is more in pictures. I love the “no TV”, however, some people won’t even look at a place without WiFi. Is that something you could add to the listing?


best of luck!

Hi! Thank you for the help, I added the wifi, that was an oversight on my part, we will have it up and running. For the pictures, I'll take better ones as soon as possible. The cabin is winterized at the moment so it will be in June, when we open it up. 

Again, thank you for taking the time to help! Sincerely, Jeremy 

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Hi @Jérémy146 


Congrats on getting your house ready and your listing started. The most tedious part is already over (in my opinion haha)! I find that a successful AirBNB is constant a process of refinement and improvement to more and more competitive.


One of the most important things for your listing are having great photos from an experienced, professional real estate photographer, especially one with short term rental experience. I really cannot overstate this. Some of the outside photos on your listing are nice, but all the interior ones would benefit from being reshot by a seasoned pro and you'd benefit from drone photos as well. Alot of customers will simply book based off of photos and price.


Which brings me to the next point: pricing. Most hosts use a pricing software to help them stay competitive and booked. Personally, I use Pricelabs, but there are several. I would recommend checking out a few different options and going with the one that provides the best value to you. Generally, they ask for information about your property, they link directly to your listing, and will use historical booking data from your local area to set prices. Then, you can set rules, such as the lowest threshold your willing to go, or to offer discounts as you approach a booking date. I feel a good rule of thumb is to target booking about a month out from the booking date. That way, your not pricing too low, leaving money on the table so to speak, and your not pricing too high that your not maximizing your occupancy. You can refund your pricing strategy with time and data, but I think using a pricing software will save you time and get you pricing your listing based on the data you need!


One final thing I'd recommend too is joining a local forum for short term rentals, like on Facebook or other social media. It's nice seeing regular updates from other hosts, or keeping informed about the industry. 


Best wishes with everything! 

Thank you so much for the detailed feedback Andrew! I will make sure to take better pictures asap! And I will definitely look into the pricing softwares and local group. Thank you for your kindness, I sincerely appreciate it!

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@Jérémy146 Your place is in a beautiful location and your cabin is cute will appeal to those looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday busyness.  I do think not having wifi will be a hindrance as cellphone reception maybe limited. Also, not having television could factor.

Offering a discount was very beneficial to me when I starred in November, so utilizing the promotions is something to consider.  Good luck in your new endeavor.

Thank you Barbara! I added the WiFi, I do agree that this became a non negotiable. For the TV, I'll wait and see for now, as there's really not a good place for it with the layout, but if the guests really can't do without it, we'll find a way. 

Thank you for your help, and good luck to you as well!!

I agree with others, the photos are what I see is lacking. The place looks amazing! What a view! Peaceful and stunning.

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@Jérémy146 The cabin is gorgeous and the views are breathtaking! I would definitely agree that  professional photos add a lot of value, along with removing personal items. For me, it feels really masculine. Lots of blue, which may not appeal to women. 

I hope this helps and have fun!!

Thank you! I really appreciate your feedback. The cabin is winterized at the moment but I will make sure to take better pictures as soon as possible!

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Hi, I've never received an invitation to critique a space before, so this is interesting. The request said the host was Jeremy but now when I go to the listing it says the host is  Drew. 

is this from Airbnb? 

I see that hosts who commented have a numerical level listed under their name? What do these levels mean?


To address your photos


The first bedroom photo is not well lit but there is a plastic storage container with toilet paper and some plastic bags next to it in the photo.  When you take the photos, the room should be completely clean.


Bunk bed photos 


looks like there is an un made bed or a sleeping bag on the top bunk



Might look nicer if you invest in matching towels


Living Room- this photo is dark. Maybe turn on some lights for a cozier look?


Front Deck photos

on the couches some times the pillows are up, sometimes lying on the seat. It might look nicer if they are up and turned around so you don't see the graphic, but that is just my personal taste.


Regarding the listing:


I am not familiar with this area. Is it the Adirondacks? I guess it would be nice to say how far of a drive it is from Albany, Saratoga Springs etc. Is there a town nearby to buy groceries. It says there is a kayak. Is there a particular lake or River nearby?

Hi Alexis, thank you for the detailed review! I will make sure to take more professional looking pictures as soon as feasible, and I will definitely use your advices. I couldn't tell you much about the numbers attached to the usernames as I am getting started on this community as well 😉 

Loving it so far, it has been very helpful 

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Hello @Jérémy146 and  @Alexis930👋


I just wanted to drop a quick note to share that levels indicate how much a user is actively contributing to the Community Center! There are multiple factors that contribute to reaching certain levels.

It is not just limited to the number of replies, but also other activities like the number of kudos you have received, the number of best answers you have marked, and your comments being marked as best answers/solutions by the original poster of the thread, giving kudos, and activeness in creating posts etc. The more constructively you are able to help the community, the more you can achieve a higher level. 

I hope this helps 😊



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