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New to Hosting

Hiya! My name is Felicia and I am a new Airbnb host. I have been using Airbnb to rent for yearsss as I am a Tour Manager but this new horizon is interesting for me because I live in Los Angeles and my property is in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. I am elated to have had my first booking last month but didn't get a review sadly. I really would love any advice on how to up the bookings for Villa Sol. It's a lovely quaint property with private beach access. A lot of people in the neighborhood rent as well so I need to figure out marketing, SEO, etc. Also figuring out a team right now. I have cleaners and a few folks in the area that help with any issues if they arise while guests are on site but hopefully the perfect team comes with time. 


So happy to join this community and get more support. Looking forward to the year ahead and some great reviews on the way sooner than later *fingers crossed* 🙂

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Hey hey @Felicia267 welcome to our community 👋🏽 It's wonderful to see you initiating your listing critique thread. I've taken a look at your listing, it's so dreamy! 😍 I just want to dive right in through my screen and be transported to the tropical paradise of Jamaica 🏝


I'd like to invite some of our amazing Hosts to share their feedback on your listing @Gwen386 @Alicia753 and @Sorcha3 😊



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I glanced over it. Very well done. The photos look professional and will help. My only suggestion would be to have your best photos in the first 5 as that's what shows up first when guest search. 

After the last update host can only arranged the first five. 

One of the best pictures was of the dining area but this one was near the bottom. I would put this in the top five.

It has such a great view I try and have one of those in the top five, maybe the exterior shot of the house, and would have the best interior shots, living room, dining room. 

It looks great. One minor thing would be to add a few framed pictures/paintings on the walls. 

Welcome to the club!!

There's a  few things with your listing.   The pics and pricing. I can assist you on ways to increase your bookings, dm me privately if interested 

Why don't you just post your advice here @Kimberley-And-Roshane0 . In our community, we  provide each other with advice and guidance for free rather than expecting people to DM us for a paid for service.

You're correct. I told her in my response what's wrong with her listing.  I like to privately speak to ppl to discuss more which never once requested for paid service. Thank you for your input.