Party Singapore - Pub Crawl / Bar Hopping Termination

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Party Singapore - Pub Crawl / Bar Hopping Termination

We have been working high and low trying to modify our content to fit everyone needs. We are growing can some specialist help to relist our product. 

we tried all possible way to communicate with support but all said they do not have power to override. We contact Junnel and camillus, they said the same thing. 

we cannot be possible waiting for 20 June, please if any one could assist and communicate what when wrong , we can work together and under your guidance will grow stronger together and build a better Airbnb experience 

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@Ng47 Airbnb seems to be shutting down thousands of experiences. I am guessing but wonder if they have liability/publicity concerns with respect to anything involving alcohol.

Hi Mike and Jane


we really not sure what the reason , but we really hope is not due to these 


we want Airbnb to grow and so do we 


can any support or specialist private discuss with us to move forward together ? 

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Don't rely on Airbnb there are lots of channels you can invest into promote your business to those you've identified as your target market @Ng47 

Hi Helen,


We know there plenty of business out there. But truthfully, airbnb is the only one we look up.


We truly hope the manager here will review and open up our list "Party Singapore - Pub Crawl / Bar Hopping". We are absolutely commitment to make sure we get good review 

Can any member of specialist of Airbnb assist on this issue ? 

we try all kind of methods to communicate 

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Community Manager
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Hi @Ng47 👋


If you head to this link ( you'll be able to reach the Support Team. 


Hope this helps, 

Rebecca 🌟



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Hi Rebecca,


We tried it just state that they not airbnb specialist and the chat immediate closed


We even request to bring the case up, but they say they not in position


Very disappointed, our company have put in effort to substain review




Hi Rebecca,


we want to stay in Airbnb Experience please help


we are in danger 

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@Ng47 I am afraid you are wasting your time here. I would ask a friendly journalist to enquire of Airbnb what they are doing with experiences. As I said before I am sure Airbnb is closing down any that might give them bad publicity/open them up to liability claims which a Party Singapore- Pub Crawl/Bar Hopping experience certainly will.

What does amaze me is why Airbnb will not comment on this but perhaps accepting that they did wrong in the past might open them up to even more liability issues.

Hi Mike and Jane,


even with a glimpse of chance with Airbnb !


we will push it to the limits


Hope Airbnb can see and retract the termination 

Hi community manager,


please help and assist , we put in effort to be Airbnb and show our progress through review and rating.


We really hope for a second chance , we prove all our documentation are from

us and one company




Hi Airbnb Community Manager,


can someone please assist or help ? 

we want to stay in Airbnb experience 



Hi Airbnb,


we submit all sort of stuff and no valid result


We really focus to much in getting our listing back that recently our rating drop


please assist to get us back to airbnb experience

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Hi @Ng47 


This is a community for hosts and guests if you want to speak to Airbnb why not use the experience email?