Peak Season in Florida?

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Peak Season in Florida?

Hello, I am a new host in West Palm Beach, Florida. I was wondering if everyone's bookings drastically went down in the month of April and May as well. I'm wondering if these are just months that hospitality is not as big. If so, which months/seasons would south Florida area, preferably West Palm Beach bIf so, which months/seasons would south Florida area preferably West Palm Beach are the busiest? Thanks.

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Hi @Nataniel4, I hope you're well 😊.

I did a quick search in the community and found that there have been a few discussions regarding low bookings in Florida. Fellow hosts share their perspectives here and here 💬

I'd also like to tag the wonderful hosts who participated in the above threads to see if they can kindly share their experiences and insights with you 🙏🏽 @Marc12642@Denisea6@Brenda1312@Ana-Cecilia4@Jon2761 

Lastly, I'd recommend joining the Local Host Clubs to connect with fellow hosts local to your area 🏡

Hope this helps!



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