Philadelphia Co-host and Designer

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Philadelphia, PA

Philadelphia Co-host and Designer

Hi Everyone,

I have a properly zoned unit in downtown Philadelphia that I plan on listing and I'm looking for possible local co-hosts and interior designers.  Please msg or dm me.  Thanks a bunch!



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Hi @Jung194 


I am not located in Philadelphia, but I have a Short Term Rental consulting and Co-Hosting business that specializes in Airbnb/Vrbo listing optimization and maximizing the launch of a new listing. I also offer Co-Hosting services for on-going listing management remotely. If you are interested in that, you can send me a direct message.


It's always good to have a local Co-Host though; especially if you don't live in the area, or don't plan to be involved in the cleaning and maintenance tasks. They can handle that and any in-person tasks you require.  I would suggest that getting professional photos done is critical once you are ready to launch. Choosing the right cover photo will be key to the success of your listing. Timing the publishing of your listing (when you go live) is also very important


Airbnb has an Experienced Co-Hosting Platform, but it’s not currently available in Pennsylvania. When you become a Host, you can join a local Airbnb Host Club and ask about local Co-Hosts. Some local Real Estate professionals might be able to recommend a local Co-Host also.


Wishing you much success!


Hi @Jung194  I'm an interior designer from New York, if you're still looking for interior designers feel free to send us an email! **


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Philadelphia, PA

@Jung194 I am a Philadelphian through and through and currently reside in the city! I have no prior experience co-hosting on Airbnb but am interested in getting started and would love to partner with you if you are still looking for a co-host. Since this is my first shot at this, you can expect 100% of my time and energy to go towards making sure your guests are happy with their stay. Having had to travel so often for work this year i've been a bit of an Airbnb nomad you could say. As a result, I have seen and dealt with the good, the bad, and the ugly. Safe to say, I know exactly what our guests need because I know what it's like to be one! If interested, feel free to shoot me a message. ** . Looking forward to hearing from you!


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