Pre-booking Message - no longer available?

Pre-booking Message - no longer available?

I've had a pre-booking message since I started hosting in 2017. I love that guests get engaged and they tell us what bings them to our area and I also stress the importance of reading the arrival instructions. I also do co-hosting and my other listing has two bedrooms - and that is the perfect place to alert guest to tell us if they need both beds made.

For some reason that message disappeared from the app - the option to add the message is there - but shows a blank message and that i need to add it again. On the desktop version - there's not even an option anymore to add it (under Guest requirements)

IMG_87D5E2BE8ACA-1.jpegScreen Shot 2022-11-20 at 09.50.30.pngn the desktop page.

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Oh noooo!!! Dang I really liked that feature! 

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 @Cristina--And-Cody-0 @Gillian166 

@Huma0 was right. I also checked my phone and there wasn't any option to include a message guest when booking, and Gov ID was no longer an option. No option for ID verification either. Just the Track Record. 

I only requested a very brief message, and gave example, "Me and my husband will be in town for a short visit and looking forward to staying at your apartment!"


We have discussed this before. About 75% of guest will include a brief message when booking and a "thank you!" for message before check in.  Thats it. 

Now it will be difficult and frustrating for host to get any communication from some guest. A lot only respond a week or month after booking with a follow up thank you response. 

But I was planning to turn off Instant Book anyway. A few guest don't communicate after booking, and would just prefer not to have them book again, or other minor things. 

I've mentioned that I've never gotten below a 5 star review and don't coach guest on reviews, and never gotten below a 5 star ever for Communication in 255 reviews. Not boasting. I think if there was a problem with including a brief message we would be reading about it in reviews. Guest have no problem voicing there concerns and will let you know about the slightest inconvenience, and host have to work very hard for 5 star reviews.  

Airbnb policy should be more considerate of both host and guest time. Why base policy on such isolated vocal hysteria from kooks on social media? Even the billionaire CEOs are total wack jobs on Twitter. Just saying my guest are totally different and really appreciate good concise communctioin and structure. 

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I agree. My guests do not seem to mind at all having some communication prior to their stay (or booking). In fact, most appreciate it, and often mention it to me or in their reviews. The few that don't want to have that correspondence before booking don't book and that's fine by me. I don't need guests who have issues with basic communication or can't appreciate why I would want to know who would be staying with me in my own home.

Absolutely! Communication is key in trusting someone with your personal space. 


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