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Re: Pending Verification

Hi All, 


I had this unhappy experience recently. Pending verification wasted booking from other guests at the same time.

Host  and Guest gained nothing from this situation. Please do something that easy for both of us. 

Other functions are good i admit. 

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Having the issue right now and it sucks.

I dropped my prices to allow for a last minute booking from today or tomorrow.


However now the calendar is blocked, nobody can book and there is no chance for me to get a booking :(.

On top of that I cannot adjust the prices in the calendar for those days to increase the chance for a last minute booking from tomorrow.


The guest is not going to book as he has already taken care via another portal (just called him).

We have just encountered this same issue. Unverified 'potential guest' tried to book right after I had sent a 'special booking' offer to another REAL VERIFIED guest. 


-Unverified guest/AirBnB provided No Request, NO request sent (in notifications, inbox or reservations). 

-This unverified booking trumped a valid special offer and another booking request. 

-I'm unable to approve valid booking. 




It looks like a 12hr hold was placed. It's open again. There has to be an easy fix for this? Simply allowing the host to get the request would solve all of these problems. I wouldn't mind the extra read if it meant it allowed us a little more control. 



Yes, I saw this last night too.  What made things worse for me is that I had a regular guest who needed the room last night.  I just took the attitude that at 10pm with a block for THAT NIGHT nothing was going to happen and allowed my regular to stay.


Lo and behold the block dropped off overnight

How long after the "pending verification" was placed on your calendar was your calendar opened up?? This is currently happening for me and I have another guest waiting to book but I dont want them to wait too long... Thanks!

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London, United Kingdom

I too have had this problem last week. I could have had a monday to friday booking but because a "new user guest" to airbnb had 'reserved' my place for one night but had not completed verification my calendar was blocked out for one night. Hence, stopping anyone from booking for the whole week. I am not impressed. I found out that I had pending verification when I called airbnb and said I could not understand why my property was not coming up when I searched as I was confused why I did not have a booking.

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I am trying to negotiate a three week booking however I see from my calendar that their bookings that are pending verification. I know this because I looked at the calendar but again I am losing a potential booking this time for £600 because of a pending verification. If someone is not already verified they should not be able to reserve dates and lose me money.