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What advise is our there on getting more reservations . while there is not much draw for my area its  booming with scenic views guite secluded with fantastic river view. Been listing on Airbnb and VRBO along with local news papers. Stats show average 125 views month but no reservations ? Check out our site Stars Airbnb Bath NC and see where we can improve, excepting any advice.


 Listing link: Home in Bath · 3 bedrooms · 3 beds · 2 baths


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My 2  cents. lol.

Maybe 4 people  is  your comfortable limit, review  pricing  and  competitors  using that limit.  Just a thought  are you eliminating a  large  group  of families with  3 or4   children?

If I   am marketing  to  families then I would suggest  pictures  that would  attract  families.,  Day;ighht pictures of the  water.   Pictures of  comfortable bedrooms  and living areas.   Pictures  that your identified market  would  be  attracted to...

If  you are focused on  families vacationing  make sure your ad tells me why your  a good idea.  I am not looking for long term boat  parking, I would   be interested   in  something simple  a  badminton  net,  the  kids can enjoy the  beautiful  lake.

Your pictures and description   should call to the people you arre targeting.

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Living room furniture layout doesn't look very comfortable. I'd  rearrange the furniture and make it look less mismatched. The nightly price deserves that. Many rooms look cluttered. Take down the mismatched thrift store looking pictures and put in more modern waterfront/fishing/boating ones. Getting all the stuff off the kitchen counters before you take a pic. List the things provided.  Decorate a bedroom for the kids since you are marketing to families. List the area activities and sights/things to do and add photos of them. Ex: sunset over the dock/lake, local eareries, candy shops. .. Good photo of the young man holding his catch! And like the other response noted - find out who you're marketing to and design it for them. Also it will accommodate more people than you are listing. 2 people can fit a full or queen size bed.

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Hi Larry

What a place of potential!

Here's where I would start on top of the great other host suggestions. My Dad was a fisherman so I get it.....


Phase 1. 

- Too much cluttering up the rooms, so take stuff out. Too many knick knacks that make it look like someone's personal home, it is off putting to future guests. Anything breakable, remove as well. Guests can't imagine kids or themselves in there and not breaking something. Turn off the TV before taking photos.

- The decks are great, declutter them though with stuff that might get knocked off/moved/broken. Add some nice larger planter pots if you can justify the expense.

-Kitchen, remove all the table settings etc, anything cleaning remove into cupboards. Anything with colour, remove except the tea towels. That will bring the contrast to the white kitchen. less is best before taking new photos.

- Redo the photos when cluttering removed. Redo the photos and when redoing outside - if possible when the sun is shining, especially the decks. The deck furniture and front grass areas are the highlight features.

- the photo under 'exterior' which is the front, isnt showcasing the property to its best - delete it. Bad photos do more damage than no photos. The photo with the red umbrella is actually rather good, even though on a foggy day. Use that one instead. (Not the red umbrella patio photo that shows alot of clutter, delete that).

-cover photo isn't appealing, need to change. ideally a new photo of the house, probably in the sun, at its best angle, showing the deck somehow, standing on the grass with the water behind you might be the best shot. 

- it looks like you are in a fishermans paradise, so change your listing title description to Peaceful Fishermans Paradise! 


Phase 2:

If you are serious, then start doing a bit more to the property.

Paint the brown Kitchen ceiling white! Will immediately change the inside to be brighter, huge difference. It's a kitchen with great potential so use it!

Paint the wooden walls white or something this is personal preference, but it will give it a more modern look

Replace some of the old artwork with fishermans inspired themes instead


Phase 3 (totally accept this is personal preference, and maybe being what the property is is uniquely you, and thats totally fine!)

Even more serious, and if you can spend the money, 

Can you replace the furniture over time, starting with lounge couches to something that won't wear/damage. If you are having fisherman groups/families in, you will need something harder wearing and not flowers...still looks like someone's home...

Remove the frills in bedrooms to be more simple

Move the study desk out and gone. Too big and heavy for the space. Plus there's a beautiful fireplace that people will want to sit by in a armchair or two.

 Is there another place u can put a smaller remote working desk?


Good luck and hope this helps!

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