SUSPENDED and ghosted by Airbnb

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Sarasota, FL

SUSPENDED and ghosted by Airbnb

On Saturday all nine of my Airbnb accounts were suspended without anyone from Airbnb informing me. I had to figure out what was going on myself. The suspension is going on three days today. I am, and have been a consistent SuperHost for 9 years. 


This is such a baffling treatment by a large company of a partner that exploitative is almost too mild of a term. 


Not even one camera.

No complaints from neighbors.

No parties.

No bed bugs or rodents.


Any suggestions? 

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It's likely you're being investigated by the specialized "Safety team" for a safety-related matter. 

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Most likely it's as a result of a guest complaint. Have you had any issues with any guests recently @Denise13 

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Sarasota, FL



They have released 8 of my listings and now have just one unlisted. I am still in the same situation without any knowledge of anything going on. 


There are endless possibilities on what Airbnb is doing BUT the more disturbing part is that Airbnb corporate policies allow for ghosting of host partners. I have read they do this often. 


Ghosting cause someone to start guessing or imagining the reasons and they often end up blaming themselves and second guessing which is the position we are put into. It is harmful on so many levels and can damage someone's self-esteem, as not only do they assume that it is their fault but they can also feel that they were not even worthy of an explanation.


Thank you for engaging @Zheng49 and @Helen3 



All my listings are back to normal without a peep from Airbnb on what just happened over the past 5 days. 


Here is the thing, Airbnb states its bedrock is built on trust. Trust cannot thrive if only one partner is to trusted. 



AIRBNB finally reached out to me asking me to explain what happened without providing any context. After stating I cannot explain something if they do not tell me why they are asking me questions, the finally gave me enough tiny details for me to respond, which I did. 


They have unlisted the one unit again and after speaking with me, closed the case as satisfactory in my favor. Yet, my one listing remains unlisted. Now I have to open a case again, asking them to list my unlisted listing so the drama continues.... 


I strongly feel Airbnb should pay me for the time they suspended all of my accounts. While I feel it is normal to investigate issues, it is not normal to ghost a partner. Their policies on this needs to change. 

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Bristol, United Kingdom

It helps to understand you're not a partner . Airbnb is just a marketing channel you use for your business .


what caused them to suspend your listing @Denise13 

Thank you @Helen3


Respectfully, when Airbnb states that their core values are: "We're united with our community to create a world where anyone can belong anywhere. We're caring, open, and encouraging to everyone we work with. We're driven by curiosity, optimism, and the belief that every person can grow." Then I would say I am a partner or client or something along those lines. They do not behave like they are JUST a marketing channel - I can think of many platforms that behave like marketing channels such as Travelocity.  


When Airbnb states that platform is built on a community of trust, then I would expect all of us hosts should be able to trust them as well. Trust cannot be only one way. 


They finally removed all restrictions again and now all my accounts are live. 


The issue was a guest claiming something that never happened. I was the first to report to Airbnb how uncomfortable I was with this guest, that was new to the platform, and I suspected they were trying to create a false situation. Airbnb stated they have no record but that the guest called them too and hence the week of uncertainty. 



Hi Denise, I am curious about what you did to get them to release your listings finally. I have been calling non-stop for days. I am continuing to receive no help or explanation. 

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Lima, Peru

This is so scary... there are definitely unbalanced people on the platform that will make anything up just to be harmful. I've had people like this before but not with something like what you just experienced resulting from it.


The worst part is, Airbnb will always blindly believe in whatever the guest says with no evidence whatsoever but when it's the other way around, they will literally do nothing. This just happened to me where guests were violating house rules by partying, smoking weed and more in an apartment building, I had so many people on top of me with complaints, called airbnb several times to have the reservation immediately cancelled and they simply said they had to get the guest's version FIRST before doing anything (guest never responded to any messages from me and had a non working phone number). And airbnb was just like sorry, protocol! So their protocol is to patiently wait when the host is affected, but to unlist all of a host's properties when it's the guest filing a complaint without even getting the host's version... unbelievable!


I ultimately had to go to the police (I live in a country where this is not easy), fearing they would do nothing because they had a valid ongoing booking. Thankfully the police station was right across the street and they were understanding and ultimately showed up to the apartment with 7 OFFICERS. People were obviously scared and left within minutes. And airbnb? .... they sent me a message 48hrs later casually saying that I could open a claim if there were any damages done. Guests and hosts are not equals to them. Very dangerous!

I agree with you! I asked a guest to please stop smoking in my home. She called Airbnb to complain about me and they suspended my listing without speaking to me! The guest is still in my home... 

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The same thing happened to me. I have called SEVERAL times and each time I get the same response that they cannot help me. The "specialized" team is supposed to be calling me and they never call!