Seeking Advice and Support for Hosting in Istanbul, Turkey

Seeking Advice and Support for Hosting in Istanbul, Turkey


My name is Mr. Henry, and I am a host located in the vibrant and beautiful city of Istanbul, Turkey. I am reaching out with a serious concern regarding my struggle to secure guests for my accommodation, despite its appeal and quality.  I am writing to seek your valuable advice and expertise to improve my hosting experience.


I have put in significant effort to provide a wonderful stay experience for guests in my accommodation. However, the lack of bookings has become a cause for concern. I am eager to understand if there might be any insights, tips, or best practices specific to the Istanbul area that I should consider to enhance my listing's visibility and attract guests.


I greatly value the diverse experiences and knowledge within the Airbnb community and believe that advice from fellow hosts in my area could be immensely beneficial. Any guidance or recommendations you or the community hosts could provide would be deeply appreciated.


I am eager to learn and implement any suggestions that could help me improve my hosting abilities and, in turn, offer a better experience for potential guests.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to any assistance or insights you might be able to provide.

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Community Manager
Port Moody, Canada

Hello @Henry-Onyemuche0 Welcome to the Airbnb Community 😊


It's great to see that our Turkish community is growing. I am reaching out to some fellow Hosts in Istanbul to ask for their advice: @Tuğkan-Berke0 @Fatih13 @Erdem25 


All the best,



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İstanbul, Türkiye

Hi. I think it has been my concern too. Specially due to changing regulations, I dunno if we will be able to continue hosting or not. But again, there are few people seeking to reserve lately