Shortcodes and Scheduled Messages

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Shortcodes and Scheduled Messages

Hi @Scott


I noticed that some addon Airbnb services use additional shortcodes (see below for examples). Can we also use these shortcodes? I'm guessing that these shortcodes exist in the system, but only some of them are listed for us to that correct? 


For example, can I use the code "listing security deposit" in the format of the Scheduled Messages, as {{listing security deposit}} ? Or another format?


This would be a powerful option to help us with improving guest satisfaction and experience.




Sample variables available on addon sites: 

%subtotal% – The subtotal amount for the booking.

%total% – Booking total amount.

%payout% – How much you will receive after fees.

%base_price% – The base price for your listing.

%nights% – The number of nights the guest will be staying.

%reservation_code% – The unique reservation code generated for your booking.

%house_rules% – Inserts a copy of the house rules.

%listing_price% – The price per night for your listing.

%listing_security_deposit% – Inserts the security deposit amount.

%infants% – The number of infants in the booking.

%cleaning% – The cleaning fee amount.

%children% – Number of children in the booking.

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Hi @Shane209 thanks for bringing up this topic.  These shortcodes aren't available in Airbnb's scheduled messaging system today, but we do plan to add more, and will keep this list in mind.


Hi @Shane209 I wanted to share an update that we've added 14 more shortcodes, including a few you suggest above:

  1. guidebook
  2. number of nights
  3. number of guests
  4. guest city
  5. guest country
  6. guest phone number
  7. total trip price
  8. average nightly price
  9. cleaning fee
  10. number of bedrooms
  11. number of beds
  12. number of bathrooms
  13. primary host first name
  14. primary host last name

You can see the full list of shortcodes in this help center article.


Thanks again for the suggestions -- we'll continue to evaluate more shortcodes for future improvements.

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Hi Scott, 


This is great.  Would it be possible to publish where the shortcodes pull from in our lisitng?


I recently changed out check in times to 4pm ( from 3pm). However, my check in message using shortcodes still shows 3pm in the message. 


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This is a great start but there is one important feature missing. It would be great to have the ability for hosts to add their own shortcodes. For example, my WiFi lock automatically assigns key codes and sends the guest a message immediately upon booking. I send a reminder the day before arrival but I have to send the message manually because I have to add the code each time. It would be nice if I could assign the code to the guest and then have the message sent as a scheduled message. These custom shortcodes don’t need specific names. Giving hosts 5 general purpose variables would be very helpful. For example, %1% could insert whatever is assigned to variable 1 for that booking. Thanks. 

Hi there.


We are in the process of updating our Quick Replies to guests and noticed the help page referenced by @Scott.

We then noticed discrepancies in the format of shortcodes:


@Shane209 has the format as using percent % with no spaces using underscores as in %guest_first_name%;


@Scott (& the help page) has the format as using slash with spaces as in /Guest’s first name/ while another part of the part has no slash as in guest first name;


* the Quick Reply Editor allows shortcodes to be inserted from a select list, which has them as with no delimiter instead having a non-editable block on a coloured background as in guest first name (as a block);


* another page in Help ( has no apostrophe as in /guest first name/;


* yet another Help page ( uses square brackets as in [guest first name];

At the moment we don't know if the guests are receiving the correct information.

Would it be possible to remove any uncertainty about the format, delimiters and list of shortcodes by having a single definitive Help page which lists them all in their correct format?


Many thanks for you help.


BTW Can the text edit box for this forum (& elsewhere in AirBNB) may made deeper (more lines visible for editing)?


Hi @Tess73 sorry for the confusion here.


There's only one way to insert a shortcode into a template: using the "Shortcodes" menu in the upper right corner of the editor, like this:




The references in the documentation above, for example /guest first name/ or [guest first name], are only meant to represent the placement of a shortcode in text documentation, not the actual syntax used in the app. 


We will update the documentation to make that more clear. Thanks for raising this!

Hi @Scott.



Aaaah 🙂


I don't recall any mention that te only way to insert s short code was with the editor select list.


Thanks for the information.


We'll update our messages.


Many thanks for the help.

I've found the mention of the short code select list within the editor.


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Hi there!

I am trying to schedule messages for my guest and I have a question about the shortcodes. I know if I use a check in or guest name the information will be show up automatically  but in the case of the House Rules shortcode... If I use it in the middle of the message ALL the House rules will show up or just a link?

Thank you!