Smart-pricing seems low?

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Smart-pricing seems low?

I've been hosting in the same house as, the visiting guests. I moved this summer into another house that had, had a renter for many years, that the tenant had moved-out. So I am new too not being there, and am just using Smart-Pricing....which seems pretty low? Just wondering if anyone has some advice?
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Hey there @Kimberley94👋


Hope you're well. I had a little search on the Community Center and came back with a few threads. I thought I'd share these more recent ones with you: 

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Hi @Kimberley94 

Some Hosts use Smart Pricing but find it takes awhile for it to become "Smart" for your listing and often-times prices too low. You can always manually change a price when using Smart pricing, and you will see the "broken arrow" icon appear on the date on the Calendar.


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Some Hosts turn off smart pricing and just manually price everything or use a third-party dynamic pricing tool software.

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@Kimberley94 I suggest you set a min rate you are happy with and a max rate that is not too high. Then make sure you manually price for local events and high seasons. Two things tell me Smart Pricing is dumb : Firstly there is no indication of wether it is targeting max revenue or max profit. The former should drive lower pricing and 100% occupancy, the latter a higher price with lower occupancy. Secondly there is no ability to vary min/max prices by season.