Tip of the Week 16: Have a clear pet policy

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Tip of the Week 16: Have a clear pet policy

It is time yet again for another Tip of the Week and today I'm happy to be sharing a tip on avoiding pet surprises. A solid strategy to reiterate your pet policy will ensure nothing is left up to chance when check in day arrives. 🐶


The following tip was shared by Superhost @Lorna170:

"Whenever we get a get a new guest booking, we send an email to the guest that says that they have booked for date to date for X adults, Y children and NO PETS.  This usually creates a response from the guest that "Oh, we are bringing Fido and Fifi".   I then send a resolution center request for the Pet Fee and it must be paid before I send the door code."


On this thread, we invite you to share your tips on ensuring guests know pet policies, fees, and rules.  


Do you send a follow up message to confirm check-in details in order to prevent surprise furry guests?


We’re excited to hear and learn from you all. Let's gather some great tips and don’t forget to give a thumbs up 👍 to the best tips shared. 😊


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