Tip of the Week 6 : Providing guest manuals for a comfortable stay

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Toronto, Canada

Tip of the Week 6 : Providing guest manuals for a comfortable stay

As we share our latest edition of Tip of the Week, Superhost @Anne-Marie79  shares her tips and gripes list. Anne mentions the importance of guest manuals and says  "I leave a detailed Guest Manual in the property as well as emailing guests a copy in advance. Some guests will read one but not the other so this covers both bases."

As we explore this tip, I would like to ask our lovely hosts: Do you provide your guests with a detailed guest or house manual?

Do you think providing informative guides can elevate your guests' experience and make their time with you even more memorable? I would like to invite you to share your thoughts on this topic in the comments section. We’re excited to hear and learn from you all.

Let us share some tips around creating manuals for guests, and don’t forget to give a thumbs up 👍 to the best tips shared. 😊

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Ellicott City, MD

Absolutely! We provide our guide in several ways. We upload it to the app, send it out digitally through our messages and have a stylish hard copy for each of our properties.

Yes we provide a house manual and a local guide to our guest via the app

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Gros Islet, Saint Lucia



We don't have a guest manual, but have posted laminated quick guides in inobtrusive locations for some appliances, and tabletop frames with the Wifi and streaming info.  We send the door/alarms codes and instruction to guests the day before they arrive.  During the check-in walkthrough we tell guests that we can send them PDFs of abridged user manuals, and some accept the offer.  Guests seem to read the listing's online guidebooks that we've put together, because they don't frequently ask us for suggestions, e.g., about where to eat, where are the beaches, which tours are available. 



There is a quick guide for the dishwasher is on the inside cabinet door, and another is on the wall next to the thermostat above the microwave.  We also have one for the washer and dryer in the laundry room.

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Coventry, CT

Yes, we notify guests in the Airbnb messaging app of our “Guidelines” , and there is a one page bulleted list that’s laminated on the refrigerator. 
The first thing stated is “Please review our VIP Guest Book found online in your Airbnb booking app” once guests find all the fun things to do in the area, they then find our Guidelines… 

Having clear expectations is important to us hosts, but you are always going to have levels of difficulty due to thwarted expectations. Some people won’t recycle… we often pick through trash to recycle. Some people will be extreme and strip the beds including mattress covers and pillow protectors. Or better yet fold the used bedding and you have to literally shake it out to launder them correctly. Some guests won’t do anything with bedding, leave towels on the floors and have piles of trash. We’ve even had people use the beach towels for showering.  What a host sees as boundaries is not always what a guest understands.  
We’ve had extremely filthy, trashed apartment with the guest love bombing us giving a 5 star review, stating they will definitely book again. 
Our properties are in a rural area and we ask guests not to walk dogs past the main gate, we offer trails and such throughout the property and suggests local parks. Even Airbnb suggest to be neighborly, not to disturb or disrupt your neighbors, but guests I assume not knowingly encroach neighbors space when we stress we prefer staying on the property or visiting a local park which is in the best interest of our community. 
On another note, these guests are the minority. The majority of guests who stay in our Hide Away and Get Away are conscientious, understanding and seemingly have situational awareness. All in all it’s a win win and we are very appreciative for the opportunity to be a part of the Airbnb experience.

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County Kerry, Ireland

Yes I provide a manual which details the basics of The Cottage, my local recommendations, alternative routes to take around Kerry, restaurants and bars and also the History of the places that I know many guests will be visiting.

Before the guest arrives they get a message from me with directions to The Cottage, a photograph of the entrance so that they cannot miss. I also make sure they understand that we are not near the shops so they should stop and buy essentials (Wine !!) before they get to us

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Huskisson, Australia

@Bhumika yes,  we leave a manuel in the cottage to welcome our guest, Wi Fi information and where charging ports are. It also has information where to park and emergency numbers.


I have also added an inventory where to find all emergency requirements; first aid kit, fire blanket and extinguisher, exit plans, assembly point, fire and emergency manuel (which is required by law in NSW for registration for STRA), electric stove off switch, electric switch board, gas hot water system, emergency torch.


Beside the emergency manuel I have left a copy of manufacturers instructions for all electrical equipment. Information for how to use airconditioners, fans, TV, washing machines, barbeque and where the rubbish bins, recycling and what to do with green waste. 


Other items listed in local area are;  Doctors, chemist dentists, places to eat and drink, and grocery shops. A map of local township is supplied with a list of activities to do,  walking paths along with some photos of the beach and play areas close by.


I have put in a reminder to log out of Netflix, check rooms before leaving and a list of items that other guests have left behind.


Lastly I have added the Guests Code of Conduct by NSW Fair Trading and the Hosts Code of Conduct for NSW STRA , so that the guests know and understand what both parties are obliged to follow for NSW Government.


This year I finally managed the electronic guest book with more to add. I also have started updating manuel adding the date similiar to what you would do for accreditation. Maybe it is going a step to far,  but as we have proffessional guests staying and it saying to them that I have tried to be up to date with information. 



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London, United Kingdom

As a new user, we have not made a manual as per say, however, our additional information is well informative.

I think it is worth looking at a manual in the future

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Devon, PA

Yes, we have a house manual that I created on Canva.  The house manual provides info on Wi-Fi password, how to use the electronics, trash day, street cleaning days, etc.  It also has restaurant recommendations, things to do in the area, etc.  We have an electronic copy via airbnb.  We also have a hard copy at the house that I leave by a goodie basket of wine, chocolates and a savory snack.  I figure they’ll definitely see it in that location.  😊  I also mention it repeatedly when I’m showing them around the house.  There’s a lot to our house and we’re new to renting so I thought it’d be helpful to be there to greet our guests and show them around the property and they seem to appreciate it.  

Yes...for each property we have a House Manual on Airbnb, a Host Guidebook on Airbnb and a detailed, paper Welcome Guide inside each listing. The paper version includes our recommendations for the most popular restaurants, destinations and activities in the area. It also includes information on the property and amenities.


Perhaps 10% of guests actually comment on the Airbnb Host Guidebook and House Manual. We send the Host Guidbook Link in our Welcome message using the "Share Recommendations" icon.

Share Host Guidebook.png



However, many more guests comment on how helpful our paper Welcome Guides inside each property are. 

I am a new host so i am starting to compile one, yes.  I thought I would offer to email it in advance too, for ease.  It has house information and information for the local area and the popular beaches of Northumberland. 

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I think this  is a great way to share ideas!  Any apps or formats for adding to the guide book it helpful!

We  have a guide book 📕 on our coffee table and also have  a laminated 8 by 11 sheet at every TV with Wi-Fi and password available for guests.  We also have a laminated instruction sheet on how to use the ceiling fans at the light switch in each room.  Even though it looks easy MinkaAir fans are not always user friendly for everyone’s age group!  
I think guests appreciate menus from restaurants, activity ideas and appreciate the recommendations.  


cheers, Nicole 🙂


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San Diego, CA

Yes, I do. It includes info re: the condo, the building, the area; our favorite spots and other recommendations, etc. It is printed and laminated and in a conspicuous area. At the top are both my and my husband's phone numbers and another in case of emergency if we will be out of town and harder to get in touch with.

I don’t have but really think it’s going to be great to have a guest manual for my apartments 

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Medenine, Tunisia

I don't have guests manual

Yes - I keep the house manual online as well as a hard copy in a binder with our association rules, township noise policy and a visitor's guide book with nearby restaurants, wineries, breweries, grocery stores, etc.

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Merced, CA

I do not

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Dublin, Ireland



Yes, I send guests a PDF with all the details on it and I have a printed version on the apartment. 

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Kingston, Jamaica

Hi @Bhumika 

Yes, I have a welcome book in the studio for guests which include emergency numbers, wifi details and services in the neighbourhood.  I also mention it in my listing.  Guests seem to prefer the hard copy. I refresh it every now and again with new info.

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Cannes, France

Hello @Bhumika and to all fellow hosts,


Yes, I have a house manual that I leave for my guests with information on how things work in the apartment with pictures and short explanations of things that are a bit quirky.  I also include a short list of "must sees" and where my favourite restaurants are located etc  It's something that a lot of guests actually comment on in their reviews so happy that I took the time to do it.


 I am not very tech savvy but discovered a very useful site that allows you to customise your layout and to personnalise the layout/style.  I can't get my head round  "word" and feel that "Canva" is more user friendly and way more fun😉  I have a green theme running through my listing and carried this through on my house manual that I have translated in two languages.  


So I think it's well worth the investment in the time it took to create it..


It's also a great way to sneak in the house rules again😜




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Killarney, Ireland

Great idea @Joelle43