What should I improve on my listing?

What should I improve on my listing?

Hi. I am a new host, still without much experience. Can you please take a look and tell me how I can improve my listing, as of course much more experienced then me. https://air.tl/As6fuBDc


Thank youu

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@Fjorida0 I have checked your listing and I think you're doing great as it shows on your reviews. But you may consider adding these tips to improve your listing and hopefully, the key to gaining more bookings for you. 


-Ensure the photos are well-lit, clean, and highlight the unique features of your space. Include images of every room and any special amenities.

-Write a clear and comprehensive description of your property. Highlight unique features, the comfort of the space, and any local attractions. List all amenities and features comprehensively.

-Keep your listing up-to-date with any new amenities, renovations, or changes in local attractions.

-Encourage guests to leave a review after their stay by following up with a thank-you message and a reminder. Positive reviews can greatly influence potential guests. Hope this helps! 

Many thanks Alicia for going through my listing and your suggestions. Ill try to implement them all. Thanks 🙂