Why my listing is invisible after 24 hours passed

Why my listing is invisible after 24 hours passed

I can not see my listing. Passed 24 hours but still is not listed? Airbnb says still working on it almost 1 week has passed. I started to look for a solution but I have seen I am not the only one complaining about this problem. All the complaints I have seen so far have never been solved but I wanna ask here again. What is the problem that anyone knows?

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Bristol, United Kingdom

I can see your listing @Modeste4 


I would suggest you upload a clear profile photo of yourself to instil trust . Having a smiley icon for a host looks odd. 

You need more information in your listing about local amenities and attractions in your description.


You also need to mention what rooms and amenities the guest has access to in your listing.


Have a look at other shared homes in New York to get an idea of how you should photograph/describe your place. 

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Cannes, France

Hello Modeste,


Your listing is active but your calendar is pretty much full in the next three months so if a guest enters just one date unavailable, then you will not show up in the search.  Have you thought about opening up your calendar further than April maybe?


I am surprised to see that you do not have a proper photo of yourself, I thought this was mandatory but obviously not but as a host I believe it's important that our guests see that we are genuine and are who we say we are.  For instance, I will not accept a guest who has a photo of a cat, emoji etc on his/her profile picture.   Just a thought😊


All the best




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