Adjustment in 2016 leading to hold on payments 8 years later

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Adjustment in 2016 leading to hold on payments 8 years later


I have recently re-listed a room at my house for the first time since 2016. I hosted my first guest and then noticed an 'on hold' was put on the payment. I then noticed a -£241 hold from a guest in a previous listing, in a house I moved from in 2017, pending. I contacted support and Airbnb said that because there was an adjustment in the booking, that I was overpaid. I was sent no messages about this and in fact the bank account they say it was paid into I cannot find a record of the payment they said way made. 

They keep saying that they are looking into it and in the meantime not paying me from legitimate paying guests. They have also showed me no proof the money was paid or that I had a negative balance. Nothing!

I have argued that the resolution of this adjustment should be separate from this listing. As far as I know Airbnb was owned by someone else at this time.

Also, why has it taken them 8 years to let me know this. I have booked accommodation several times in the interim 8 years. 

Unfortunately I am finding customer service ill informed and inefficient at responding. They just keep saying they over paid me with no proof.

Has anyone else had this problem and how did you manage to resolve it please?


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Hi @Joanne929, it’s been a while since you posted, I just wanted to drop in and check if you managed to get this resolved?



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