Airbnb/primary residence

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Loudon, TN

Airbnb/primary residence

We airbnb our residence while we travel.  I'm lost in the tax regulations concerning cleaners, lawn maintenance,  the handyman we have on call.  


Do I need to issue 1099s? We are not a business.

What if they want payments in cash?

Any direcTion would be appreciated 

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@Toni6223 If I have the correct info, if you pay more than $600 in a year to someone for services related to your rental activity, and they are not your employee, you generally need to issue a Form 1099-NEC. But given the complexity of tax laws, you might find it beneficial to consult with a tax professional who can provide advice specific to your situation as this is particularly important if your situation involves multiple service providers or significant rental-related expenses. Hope this helps!

Thank you!