Airbnb's Price Tips (in the time of coronavirus).

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London, United Kingdom

Airbnb's Price Tips (in the time of coronavirus).

For anyone who still thinks or believe that Airbnb's pokey price tips bear any relevance to reality whatsoever.


13% and 21% .... really!


As half the world is now shut down due to coronavirus I would expect figures of around 95%.


Screen grab for the 2nd May 2020:


Screen Shot 2020-04-06 at 15.43.11.png


Host pressure not reality.


The proof!

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Personally..... I always thought those "market trends" were a joke.... not to be taken seriously EVER. 

Yes @Jessica-and-Henry0  I totally agree with you and am sure many other hosts do too.


This unique opportunity of circumstance however allows us to take our opinions of these ridiculous “market trends” out of the realm of ‘thought’ and to put them quite firmly into the realm of fact backed up by (what I consider to be) irrefutable evidence.

@Clive12  Nailed it. Airbnb has long been in the habit of feeding imaginary numbers both to its users and to the press, to influence behavior and emotions. They tend to get away with it by keeping their actual data locked up. I would think that this practice is illegal in some of the countries where they operate, but it's not as if they're the first company to ever fake the results of "internal research."