Did not receive payout!!!

Did not receive payout!!!

Its been more than 2 weeks since guest left my apartment but i still did not receive my payout. Support center ignored me…  called my bank i have no problem with my account. 
should i just deactivate my host account…  airbnb is a bully company!

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I noticed that you recently joined Airbnb.
The first payment by Airbnb will be done 30 days after the arrival of your first guests.
After that, it will be quicker.


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Hello @Elchin3 

ABB did a Payment system change in June 2022.

It may be related to that and the road blockages along the way.


Unified Payments data Read at Airbnb



@Joelle43  This may interest you to and explains why so many of us have had ongoing problems with not been paid monies owed that our Guests have paid ABB and going through endless KYC nonsense loops as Existing Consumers.

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Hello @Elchin3 


Read through these two Airbnb links regarding payment to make sure that you have entered all the necessary information to get paid and to check at what stage the due payments are at:






As a new host on Airbnb, the first payment may take longer than the usual 24 hours after the guests have arrived so I hope it's just a matter of a few more days...



Hi Joëlle,

thank you for you reply, i received “payout sent” email from airbnb team, and since then i havent receive any money. Even though estimated arrival time was september 22, but still havent receive anything. And all my payout method is correct. Added my bank details on site. No problem from my side

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Hi Elchin, did you receive your money yet… and if so  what was the issue? Because I am waiting and escalating the same issue every day without any success.

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Hello @Kobus13, welcome to the Airbnb Community.


The time it takes to receive your payments can vary depending on several factors. Here is an article that explains how long it can take for new hosts to receive their payment. Additionally, as explained in this article, the timing can vary depending on whether you are hosting short-term or long-term stays.


I hope this helps.



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