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Holiday Rentals Insurance Australia

I've listed my primary residence for holiday rental between Christmas and Easter, we will be living downstairs in a seperate area that the renter's won't have access to. I can't seem to find any insurer to cover us because we will be living on the premises. Does anyone know of a company that will do short term holiday rental insurance for owner occupier? It's doing my head in.

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Not that I know of. My brother in law does the same as you, but he doesn't bother with changing his insurance I'm sure. Just takes the risk....

@Raelene13. Hi Raelene. I dont know of a specific insurer but Terri Sheer does operate in the Landlord and Holiday Let space so maybe try them, if you havent already, especially as living there means there should be no vacancy risk?


Also you do know that renting part of your home makes it partly taxable so ask a good accountant so you know impact and what to claim.


Hope this helps.