Hosting personal US and 3rd-party EU Properties

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Hosting personal US and 3rd-party EU Properties

Dear All, 

I tried to look around in this very forum but couldn't find any answer. 

I personally own 2 properties in the US and I pay taxes in the US and my country of residence. At this time each unit has its own bank account. Payout are sent to the unit specific account and all taxes charged by ABB are paid in the "default" account. 


I would like to host, as a property manager, other units in EU under my current account. I obviously know that creating 2 accounts would be easier but I would like to is retain my status, reviews, etc so I'm trying to use my current account for both continents.


Units in the EU are owned by an EU company. My understanding is that I can host different properties in different countries owned by different parties. The confusion arises with VAT and payout. 

unit #1 USA (personal)

unit #2 USA (personal) 

unit #3 EU (corporation - VAT)

unit #4 EU (corporation - VAT)


Did anybody experienced a similar situation? How did you set your primary account? 

My plan was setting up the EU company bank account as the default one and have myself refunding the EU company once in a while for paid taxes. Moreover EU company bank account will in euro... It's a bit messy on the accountant part and I wonder if there's a more efficient solution. 







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@Giulio180 As a property manager, if you are being fair to the owner, you should have the owner create an account and make you the co-host. That way they can change managers easily without losing all their reviews.

Hello @Mike-And-Jane0,

I totally agree with you but I'm the major stakeholder in the EU company. So ownership is not an issue....

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I think you are missing @Mike-And-Jane0 point. @Giulio180 


as the cohost you help the  owner to set up the listing for their business under their name then either add your current profile or a new EU airbnb business account as the cohost .

@Helen3 I think you are missing @Giulio180 s point. If I have understood correctly he is the majority owner of the EU business owning the properties so is effectively managing them for himself. 

Perhaps @Mike-And-Jane0 it's not very clear🙂